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Adryiano – Not So Easy EP

Adryiano - Not So Easy EP

German producer Adryiano has released a preview of his Not So Easy EP out the 19th of May on Shall Not Fade.  The release is on vinyl and includes 4 fascinating house jams.  You can’t let this one slip by!


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Polygon – W1 & W2

Polygon - W1 & W2

Mexican producer Rafa Navajas aka Polygon is set on a new path of vinyl based house music.  He’s been around for a while and is 1/3 of Lemon Mint, now exclusively a live band alongside Carlos and Djeko.  W1 & W2 are the perfect example of quality and classiness.  These 2 jammers will be out soon (probably vinyl only) so stay tuned!

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Junktion – Sweet Release EP

Junktion - Sweet Release EP

Soulful moods mixed with jazzy chords and pounding beats, Junktion is back on Times are Ruff.  The EP features 3 originals, a remix and is vinyl only. Pre-order your copies!



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Saine – Mint EP

Saine - Mint EP

Saine’s Mint EP includes three cuts brimming with hip-hop fused, organic house sound that have always grabbed the attention in the past on labels such as Sleazy Beats, Black Ops, Voyage, Odd Socks and Quartet Series.

On the EP, the tracks ooze obscure sample wizardry, thumping straight-to-the-bone beats & wavering analogue synth textures which do not disappoint.


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Red Rack’em – Self Portrait

Red Rack'em - Self Portrait

‘Self Portrait’ is the brand new album by Red Rack’em

Released on his own label Bergerac ‘to retain complete creative freedom’, the album is a super personal journey through the many facets of house, disco and club music that Berman has explored in his 22 years as a DJ and 10 years of releases for labels including Philomena, Ramp, Phonica, Wolf Music, City Fly and of course on his own label Bergerac.

Focussing on sample heavy, off kilter yet danceable grooves, it’s an extended trip through the mind of a true auteur who truly has his own unique perspective of what house music should sound like and how it should function in the club.

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Henry Wu – Just Negotiate feat. Simeon Jones (Kaidi Tatham Remix)

Henry Wu - Just Negotiate feat. Simeon Jones (Kaidi Tatham Remix)

Henry Wu (aka Kamaal Williams of Yussef Kamaal) returns to Eglo Records following his joint EP with K15 as Wu15. ‘Deep In The Mudd’ is a 6 track EP which journeys through Broken Beat, House, Hip Hop and Jazz… and once again he’s joined by a few special guests.

Pre-Order 6 track 12″ Vinyl EP: eglorecords.bandcamp.com/album/deep-i…ep-ft-banton

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Carlo – From Russia With Love EP

Carlo - From Russia With Love EP

Carlo breaks the ice this week with his upcoming “From Russia With Love” EP out soon on Sakskøbing, an all vinyl label based in Moscow.  The EP contains 4 solid tracks that give deep warm emotions on the dance floor.

This is definitely a TOASTY release.

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Toast Tapes Mix #037 // Dino Soccio

Toast Tapes Mix #037 // Dino Soccio

To introduce yourself, who are you and how would you describe your music?

I’m Dino Soccio, DJ/Producer from Los Angeles via Chicago, I play, produce, and write R&B/Soul dance music. Sometimes it ends up being house, sometimes it ends up being what they’re calling modern funk/boogie.

Which artists and styles inspired and influenced you the most?

My inspirations and influences change over time but most recently I’ve been really digging the dance music that was made in the first half of the 80’s and the artists that now are trying to capture that feeling today.  Italian stuff from that era like Raf, Jago, Clio, and Plustwo all resonate with me.  Had a bit of an infatuation with 80’s soul music that was played at Paradise Garage between ’81-85 the last year and discovered plenty of stuff I wasn’t as familiar with- Womack & Womack, T.C. Curtis, Lonnie Reaves, Spencer Jones, the lesser known BB&Q Band.  New music and reissues being put out on Star Creature, Cultures of Soul, PPU, BBE, Superior Elevation, and The Whole Truth get me excited.

What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

I’ll mention two here.  One is an all time classic Luther Vandross Never Too Much.  It always gives me chills playing that one in a set. Never get tired of it.  Another is Ten City’s All Loved Out (Love Serenade Mix).  Amazing playing on this one, lots of space, MUCHO feels going on there.  And here’s one more- Talk Talk- New Grass.  Definitely one of my top 10 tunes of all time, not a dance tune by any means but it resonates so much.

Tell us a bit about the Toast Tape you’ve put together.

This is just a sample of what I’ve been playing often in sets at my gigs in LA.  I play plenty of parties but I also do the 4 hour bar/club sets and I love doing it because it lets you stretch out and dig into some vibes.  Lots of countdowns in this one, wasn’t planned.  All vinyl, live mixing, no frills.  Hope you enjoy.

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LOL003: Dicky Trisco, Labor of Love, Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee

LOL003: Dicky Trisco, Labor of Love, Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee

Denver’s Labor of Love label offers up its 3rd release of reworks featuring disco aficionados Dicky Trisco, Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee, and the LoL head honcho himself.  This EP boasts 3 dance floor bangers that ride the fine line between disco and house. Play them with love!

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