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Com Truise – Chemical Legs

Synth wave king Com Truise has collaborated with Room 205 to release a really cool video of his track “Chemical Legs” performed live. It’s really trippy to see how well he can mix all these crazy synthesizers and multi task using different decks.

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Sally Shapiro – Lives Together (Tommy Remix)

Sally Shapiro - Lives Together (Tommy Remix)

French synthwave producer Tommy has released his most recent remix “Lives Together” by Swedish singer Sally Shapiro. “Lives Together” was given uplifting 80’s synthesizers with Sally’s warm vocals. This is the type of song you would listen to while your coasting down the freeway driving past the sunset. Well anyways, grab a free copy of Tommy’s remix and enjoy.

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Nu Disco Club Sounds Vol. 2

Kiez Beats will be releasing it’s second compilation of “Nu Disco Club Sounds” out tomorrow which is jam packed with awesome synthwave/ disco tracks ranging from producers like Satin Jackets, Le Crayon, Com Truise and many others! This compilation seriously has some very fine classy beats so you’ll definitely need this for the summertime.

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Final DJs – Flash In The Night EP

The Final DJs aka Basti & Thomas have released a follow up EP “Flash In The Night” out now and for free. First on the EP is “Los Angeles” which has a killer bass line and a large saturation of 80’s style synthesizers. Next is “Flash In The Night” which has a mix of Italo disco and synth wave. These tracks really take you back in time and it’s to your benefit you grab a free copy.

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Final Djs Feat. Stee Downes – One Day In The Sun (Miami Nights 1984 Remix)

The Final Djs got a fresh remix by Miami Nights 1984 which is scheduled to be released the 27th of May on Kiez Beats. Miami Nights 1984 really gets to us with the synthesizers and the 80’s feel is extremely powerful. “One Day In The Sun” was given a dreamy chill wave vibe which also features soothing vocals by Stee Downes.

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Stars – Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It (Com Truise Remix)

Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It (Com Truise Remix)

There is nothing better than listening to Com Truise on a Monday and relaxing. Com Truise’s latest remix “Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It” by Stars is a synth pop track that was mastered with his unique style that’s out of this world.

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Final DJs – Moonshine EP

Final DJs are back at it again with their new “Moonshine” EP out now on Pole Position Recordings. The German (Stuttgart) duo Basti and Thomas released their “Moonshine” EP single including 3 awesome remixes with soulful summer funky tracks. It’s really hard deciding which one is the best because we seriously enjoyed every single version.

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Silent Gloves Feat. Patrick Baker – So Real (Miami Nights 1984 Remix)

Synthwave producer Silent Gloves has released his “So Real” EP on Rosso Corsa Records. The release of “So Real” got an awesome retro remix by Miami Nights 1984 which is full of gnarly synthesizers and rad vocals by Patrick Baker. We really enjoy listening to “So Real” because it has an 80’s touch and takes us back to the past!

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Com Truise – Idle Withdrawal

A new Com Truise release is always a sign of a good day. The track “Idle Withdrawal” was meant for another unknown purpose so he decided to share. The last we heard of Com Truise releasing an original track was last year so this means  he might have some releases set for this year. “Idle Withdrawal” is as usual, a chill 80’s track full of synth. Catch his last track we blogged HERE.

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El Ten Eleven – Thanks Bill (Com Truise Remix)

Com Truise aka Seth Haley has done it again with his new remix “Thanks Bill” by El Ten Eleven out now on Fake Record Label. The remix of “Thanks Bill” is an 80’s track with a killer drum and melodious synthesizers. If you haven’t yet, grab a copy and get ready for your mind to get a circuit meltdown.

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