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Darius – Espoir

French disco master Darius has released the first single Espoir, which will be out on his upcoming 5 track Romance EP the 24th of February on Roche Musique.  Here’s the tracklist.

01 – Espoir
02 – S/ash
03 – Hot Hands
04 – Vanyll
05 – Omeo

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Karma Kid – Like I’m On Fire (Kartell Remix)

British producer Karma Kid will be releasing his upcoming Like I’m On Fire EP, featuring a very special remix by the French disco connoisseur Kartell.  Like I’m On Fire keeps it’s UK vibes, but also is given a classy French touch.

You still have time to pre-order your copy of Kartell’s remix out the 10th of February on Roche Musique.

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Cézaire – Ride With Us Mixtape

1. ???????? – Suga Free
2. Foesum Feat. Imaa & Sin 2 – It’s LBC
3. DJ Quik – Dollars and Sense
4. The Notorious B.I.G. – Going Back To Cali
5. ARP▲101 X Elliot York – Slam
6. Nate Dogg DPG – My Money
7. Tha Dogg Pound Gangsta LP – Who Ride With Us
8. Ozone – Strut My Thang
9. Spirit Catcher- Threesome
10. Jimmy Edgar – Function Of Your Love

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Kartell – Turn Over

French producer Kartell has released the first single “Turn Over,” from his upcoming “SapphireEP featuring 7 tracks out the 6th of January on Roche. Top quality house music.

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Amerie – 1 Thing (Cherokee Remix)

French producer Cherokee has released a fresh new remix of “1 Thing” by Amerie and it’s out now as a free download thanks to the awesome Roche Musique label. It’s great to be seeing Cherokee alive and creating sweet jams because it had been a while since he had released his work before “Don’t Matter.”

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Cherokee Feat. Darianna – Don’t Matter

French disco producer Cherokee will be releasing his latest single “Don’t Matter,” also including a special Shore Version. The release of “Don’t Matter” will be out the 11 of November on the French label Roche Musique. This is definitely a finger snapping fresh track with classy vocals by Darianna Everett.

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Kartell – Minimum Move

French producer Kartell is back again and releasing a fresh vibrant house track called “Minimum Move” out as a free download today on Roche Musique. Kartell always adds his funky touch even with a different house style, which we enjoyed very much. It’s great watching our favorite producers evolve over the years and get better and better!

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French Kiwi Juice – Time For A Change EP

Parisian producer FKJ (French Kiwi Juice) has released his highly anticipated EP “Time For A Change” out now on the French label Roche Musique. The EP features 4 fresh tracks and offers chill to even dance worthy vibes.

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TVFrom86 – Losing You

Parisian duo Steve Bouyer & Thomas Zander aka TVFrom86 have given us a preview taste of their upcoming “Losing You” EP out the 29th of April on Roche Musique. TVFrom86 released two nu disco tracks called “Losing You” and “Brooklyn Business.” They also have dope remixes by Whitesquare, Xtrafunk and DJ Steef! You can catch these cool cats spinning at the hottest parties on Paris especially the infamous Social Club.

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Xtrafunk – Seek

German producer Xtrafunk has released his new track “Seek” which we have been looking forward to since the announcement almost a week ago. “Seek” is a chill and funky track that was purposely made for the summer. Grab a free copy and share at a pool party!

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