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A Sol Mechanic – Street Life

Keats Collective based out of Denver, Colorado is proud to present it’s third installment of Future Funk Fridays. The third installment features the track “Street Life” by A Sol Mechanic, which is a remix of Jackie Brown. Also check out Tuuwa’s recent video of a live version of “I Want U.”

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Flight Facilities Feat. Micky Green – Stand Still (Mario Basanov Remix)

Sitting alongside remixes by Sydney’s Wave Racer and NY’s Com Truise, Mario Basanov’s experimental rework is a welcome re-imagining of Flight Facilities’ catchy track. Super fun and funky fresh, the Lithuanian producer has given his usual magic touch to the already brilliant single. With Micky Green’s ethereal vocals sitting atop a banging bassline, this is definitely one for the December playlist. Also check out the original version!

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Delorean – Destitute Time (Slow Magic Remix)

Slow Magic is the sound made by an unknown imaginary friend. His friend was present recently in Deloreans remixed track “Destitute Time.” Check out the original version with a cool music video Delorean made.

Just one more thing, check out Slow Magic’s previous remix of Gold Panda’s track “Brazil” and snag a free copy!

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Miami Horror Feat. Cleopold – Colours In The Sky

Australian band Miami Horror have been on a roll lately releasing their single “Real Slow” just recently. They’re back again for a 2nd single release of their track “Colours In The Sky” featuring Cleopold on vocals. Miami Horror’s new 7″ COLOURS IN THE SKY / REAL SLOW vinyl is available now through Neon Gold Records. If you haven’t yet, check out the music video for Real Slow.

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Black Yaya – Paint A Smile On Me (Breakbot Remix)

Breakbot is back with his latest remix release of “Paint A Smile On Me” out now on Partyfine and includes other superb remixes by Zimmer, Yuksek, Tepr and Domenico Torti. Check out the original version.

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Movement – Us (Giraffage Remix)

Sydney based electronic trio Movement have received fine remix treatment of their track “Us” by Giraffage. “Us” remixed is a sensual club track with a banging bass, smooth vocals and sharp synthesizers. This is another masterpiece to add on to Giraffage’s gallery of fine tunes. Check out the original version in the music video!

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Anoraak – Chronotropic (Album Teaser)

1- Behind Your Shades
2- Morning Light
3- Guest Star
4- Falling Apart
5- Summer is Over
6- Sunrise to Sunset
7- Remote
8- Made Up
9- Hello Again
10- Under the Sea
11- Living on a Tape

Anoraak seems to never let us down with their amazing indie dance music filled with poppy synthesizers. Their sophomore album “Chronotropic” is set to be released the 21st of October on Grand Blanc and contains 11 awesome sun soaked tracks. Check out the 2 music videos they released of “Made Up” and “Morning Light.”

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Luke Million – Midnight (Grum Remix)

Grum has been back this year with key remixes and production that is top shelf. He’s paired up with Luke Million (2nd half of Kitsune duo The Swiss) to release his remix of “Midnight” out the 24th of September on Nurvous Records. Here’s what to expect on the “Midnight GalaxyEP.

1. Galaxy – Original Mix
2. Midnight – Original Mix
3. Midnight (Grum Remix – Radio Edit)
4. Midnight (Grum Remix)
5. Midnight (Poupon Remix)
6. Midnight (DH Rewired Remix)
7. Midnight (Pete Herbert Remix)
8. Midnight – 90′s Version
9. Midnight – Instrumental
10. Midnight (Pete Herbert Dub)
11. Midnight (Candlelight Mix)

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Housetronaut Feat. Bon Vivant – Daydreaming Part 2

Filter house producer Housetronaut is back at it again releasing the 2nd part of his “Daydreaming” single also featuring Bon Vivant.

Daydreaming” part 2 can be described with just reading the song title. It’s a dreamy track with classy filters, rich loops and amazing vocals as always by Bon Vivant. This is what we like to call “feel good” house music, giving you goosebumps instantly! Check out the music video part 1 of “Daydreaming,” which also features Bon Vivant.

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Black Yaya – Paint A Smile On Me (Yuksek Dub Edit)

French master Yuksek has just recently created his new label Partyfine, which is doing amazingly great.

Partyfine has a new member, Black Yaya who has released his new “Put A Smile On MeEP, featuring 2 original tracks (produced by Yuksek) and a dub edit by Yuksek. Just in case you didn’t know, Black Yaya is the new pop project from David Ivar, frontman and songwriter for Herman Dune. “Paint A Smile On Me” dubbed by Yuksek is a happy funky track from start to finish with a classy French touch and smooth vocals. Check out the original version in the recent music video.

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