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Zombies In Miami & Facets @ The Lot Radio / Samo Radio 10

Zombies In Miami & Facets @ The Lot Radio / Samo Radio 10

Zombies In Miami set the mood this week for our upcoming show in the Sonoran Desert. Get your tickets asap!


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BIS Radio Show #942 with Rebolledo

BIS Radio Show #942 with Rebolledo

1. Galarrwuy Yunupingu – Gurindji Blues – RCA Records
2. Sascha Funke – Acatenango – You And Your Hippie Friends
3. Güero – Colours of Dark – You And Your Hippie Friends
4. Autarkic – Strange Alliances (Rebolledo Take) – Unreleased
5. – –
6. Sonido Lazer – Another One Bites The Dust –
7. Sascha Funke – Surumu – You And Your Hippie Friends
8. Fango – Sikhote – Degustibus 
9. Pachanga Boys – Drunken Dancer – Hippie Dance
10. – –
11. Alter Ego – Gary (Tiga’s Italia 90 Remix) – Alter Ego Recordings
12. – Guerredit –
13. Steve Reich – Four Organs – Superior Viaduct

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Polygon – W1 & W2

Polygon - W1 & W2

Mexican producer Rafa Navajas aka Polygon is set on a new path of vinyl based house music.  He’s been around for a while and is 1/3 of Lemon Mint, now exclusively a live band alongside Carlos and Djeko.  W1 & W2 are the perfect example of quality and classiness.  These 2 jammers will be out soon (probably vinyl only) so stay tuned!

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Toast Tapes Mix #038 // The Funk District

Toast Tapes Mix #038 // The Funk District

1.  To introduce yourself, who are you and how would you describe the Mexican disco scene?
– Well my name is Fernando Mendoza and I’m addicted to any type of funk and disco with a catchy bass line and groovy guitars… In other words I love everything sounding nice and fresh like funk on steroids.
– As a Mexican producer I feel the disco scene in my country already got a big push a couple of years ago by many talented artists but I think it’s about to get to the climax within the next two years, so it’s really our task to keep on supporting each other and especially the new rising talents that share the same love for the music.
2.  If you were stuck on a desert island, and could only listen to three albums for the rest of your life, what would they be?
– That’s really a tough question… I’ve been influenced by a lot of different artists throughout my life and most of them are from different genres, so the answer would really depend on the mood I’m in at the moment.
3.  How would you describe your latest single “Time Will Tell?”
– I would describe my last single “Time Will Tell” as an up-tempo jam filled with a lot of percussion and a lovely flute driven groove, not forgetting the funky bass line and the catchy vocals that blend very well with the rest of the instruments.
4.  Do you have any upcoming material or collaborations?
– Well yes, I was honored to be asked for a remix by Julius The Madthinker for his new upcoming project: Perspective… I made my own funky interpretation of one of his tracks he produced with Russoul aka Pleasure Prince and it’s being released on Aid To The Soulless at the end of March.
5.  Tell us a bit about the Mixtape you’ve put together.
– This mixtape I put together was made with love as a special compilation including the tracks I’ve been playing these days plus 2 forthcoming tracks by myself on the most respected label Hot Digits Music that are going to be released later on this year. It also includes one of the 2 tracks which will be released on my own label Furious Mandrill Records.
I hope you really enjoy the mix !
Fernando Mendoza (The Funk District)
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Gavinho – Funkylines

Mexican producer Gavinho has released a bomb new single Funkylines, out as a free download thanks to the blog Resonante.  Grab your copies HERE and show these cool cats some love.

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Eagles – Funky New Year (Dan Solo Edit)

Dan Solo is back again with a new edit of “Funky New Year” by The Eagles. It’s definitely a funky new year already and this jam is hot! Grab a free copy and enjoy.

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Club Tenampa – Beso Perfecto EP

Regith Records based out of Puebla, Mexico is proud to be releasing a preview of Club Tenampa’s debut EP, Beso Perfecto.” The EP will be released on all digital stores in January so be ready!

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Club Tenampa + Modulaire – Susan

Mexican producers Club Tenampa and Modulaire have joined forces to release a new dope track “Susan,” the perfect classy disco track for the season. “Susan” is out now on Coquette Maison so grab your copies quickly because this is one hot track.

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Y Este Finde Qué Djs – Mixtape 1

1. Sequencers – Neverending
2. Brioski – Bang Clap
3. Rodion & La Royale – Chamorro Tomorrow
4. Future Feelings – Science
5. Bufi & La Royale – Watch Out
6. Future Feelings & Dan Solo – Next to You
7. Chemistry – Pale Cat Swingers (Euro Mix)
8. Moon Runner – House Track Two
9. ????? – ?????
10. Kellerkind – Disco on the Dancefloor
11. The Bank – Radio Cash (Brioski Disco Mix)
12. Future Feelings & Dan Solo – Onda Esta
13. Djs Pareja – Saxo Temor
14. ????? – ?????
15. Yesco & Ricardo – La Burundanga

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Libano – Lovers (The Road + You)

Mexican producer Libano first started producing back in 2011, when he fell in love with the sampling, loops and filters of French House all together. It’s very intriguing because Libano is one of the very few that has gone this route instead of choosing nu disco. At the very beginning of his track “Lovers,” there’s a cool “Club Soda” sample at 0:16 and 2:01 of the track. If you haven’t yet, snag a free copy and show him some support!

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