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Polygon – W1 & W2

Polygon - W1 & W2

Mexican producer Rafa Navajas aka Polygon is set on a new path of vinyl based house music.  He’s been around for a while and is 1/3 of Lemon Mint, now exclusively a live band alongside Carlos and Djeko.  W1 & W2 are the perfect example of quality and classiness.  These 2 jammers will be out soon (probably vinyl only) so stay tuned!

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Good Feeling (Wall Of Fame)

Good Feeling (Wall Of Fame)

Wall Of Fame has released their 6th release on vinyl called “Good Feeling.”  The release features James Rod, Napoleon, Lemon Mint and Mosaik.  “Good Feeling” is out soon on the 23rd of January but you can pre-order it here.


Wall Of Fame is ran by artist P-SOL and features DJ’s worlwide.

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Regith Records Presents: Flamingos Vol. 2

The Mexican label from Puebla, Regith Records first started back in October 2012 in order to help out and promote newer generations of musicians and producers of electronic music. Here’s their latest “Flamingos Volume 2” compilation, which features 7 awesome sounds from some of the hottest music producers from Mexico! With talent like Dan Solo, Lemon Mint, Autoven, Thomass Jackson, Tony Disco, The French HoustronautCommodore 64 & Rhod, you’re likely to fall in love with newer talent. Snag a free copy and show these cool cats some love.



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