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Junktion – Sweet Release EP

Junktion - Sweet Release EP

Soulful moods mixed with jazzy chords and pounding beats, Junktion is back on Times are Ruff.  The EP features 3 originals, a remix and is vinyl only. Pre-order your copies!



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VA – Vision Of Love 6

VA - Vision Of Love 6

Exotic Refreshment is back with next volumes of well-received compilation series “Vision of Love,” released on their sub-label Exotic Series. 6th volume includes 13 full length tracks and remixes from well known artists like Max Graef, MATRiXXMAN, San Proper, Shur-I-Kan, Glenn Astro, Rick Wade, Vin Sol, Yusuke Yamamoto, Nacho Marco, Lay-Far, Junktion, Chocky, Sam Irl, Vincent Vedat, Stephen Lopkin and many more…

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Fouk || Four Heads

Fouk || Four Heads

Photo taken by Lennard Heijer

This exclusive mix tape achieves a lot in the space of an hour; it’s a whistle stop tour encompassing jazz flute, disco stabs, ending in a more typical Fouk-esque, funk laden house groove. The rhubarb and custard disparate styles are blended together masterfully and succinctly; meaning this cerebral mix not only keeps you guessing but is fabulously re-playable. Keep it close, it’s a certified pumper.

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