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HONEY001 – Club Flamingo

HONEY001 - Club Flamingo

Honey Butter Records whip up their first release Club Flamingo featuring grooves by Swales, Ari Bald, Sable Blanc and Eben Rees.  All tracks will conveniently be pressed on a 12″ and are available for pre-order.


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Toast Tapes Mix #039 // Sune

Toast Tapes Mix #039 // Sune

Here’s the latest Toast Tape installment of an hour long mix by our Swedish friend Emil Sunesson . The mix is all vinyl and includes some summertime favorites that will get you feeling toasty! Sune has some upcoming releases on vinyl, first being in early May on Lagaffe Tales and secondly a 4 tracker on Kyoku Records with a remix from Daniel Leseman that’s gonna drop late May. If you didn’t know, he’s also co-founder for Hi Hat Appreciation Society, a super dope initiative that plays some amazing house music.

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That’s Not An Edit Vol.5

That's Not An Edit Vol.5

Bite into some of Australia’s funkier side with That’s Not An Edit Vol.5 featuring Timber, Dj Soup, Meem, Caratgold, Jayo, Frankee More, JR.Dynamite Edits, Hober Mallow, Dastardly Kuts, dL, The Party Kid, Skinny Dipp, D-Funk, Sard Boogie and Paris Groovescooter!

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Toasty February ’17

Toasty February '17

February, a month of solid funky tracks. This month we got some COEO, Cody Currie, The Funk District and many more!

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RNTR016 // Body Music // Just One EP

RNTR016 // Body Music // Just One EP

Razor-N-Tape Reserve debuts new project Body Music, a collaboration between Bosq (Whiskey Barons) and Vito Roccoforte (Vito & Druzzi/ The Rapture,) with a 4-tracker of all-original deep disco flavor. Kicking things off is the title track, a pulsating indie dance stomper that features the magical vocals of Christian Holiday, then gets a chugging makeover from deep house don Lay-Far. The flip side starts off mellow with “Get It Baby,” building toward a percussive crescendo, followed by a classic disco rework by French producer extraordinaire Patchworks.

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VA – Delta Night EP

VA - Delta Night EP

The guys at Pole Jam Vinyl have spent most of the last year involved in an undying quest to seek out new, exciting music. They would neither be stopped by the Russian tundras nor the deserts of Australia in their search. Funnily enough, it was actually down-under they discovered Sydney based duo “Falqo” with their brilliantly chilled and melodic number “Across The Sea”. Then, it really was ‘across the sea’ they went, all the way to the Ukraine, picking up Sasha Anastasov’s laid-back groovy smasher “Sea For Two”. Next up was a much shorter trip to Moscow to collect Gayana, a band very much on the rise whose “Since The Night” has been perfectly reinterpreted by Pole Jam’s very own St. Petersburg based all-stars KLar&PF. Pioneerball is the solo project of Tesla Boy’s lead guitarist who makes his second appearance on Pole Jam Vinyl. This time Pioneerball contributes the stunning opening track “Deltaplane”, a track influenced by obscure Russian cinematic soundtracks. It’s combined perfectly with a compelling disco groove, jazzy melodies and organic strings that will make your heart melt. Back home, with the search having come to a successful conclusion, the Pole Jam Vinyl boys celebrated with a pint – or two!

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Cody Currie – Beer Machine

Fresh Washington DC based imprint Better Listen treat us with their 3rd release “Beer Machine EP” by Cody Currie. Nice groove all the way…  Why not having a quick drink after all?

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Ponty Mython – House for Sale EP

Ponty Mython - House for Sale EP

For his latest release, Dirt Crew and Quintessentials favorite Ponty Mython has linked up with Washington, DC-based imprint Better Listen for a five track package of globally inspired groovers.  The House for Sale EP maintains the sample-based production aesthetic of Better Listen’s debut record, and draws heavily from rare African funk and disco sources.  The Vilnius-based producer’s trademark eclecticism is injected throughout the record, with the A-side leaning more towards wonky, left-field house cuts and the flip hosting more disco-like arrangements.

Available now on vinyl:  http://www.juno.co.uk/products/ponty-mython-house-for-sale/635712-01/

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Moony Me – Screwdriver

Moony Me - Screwdriver

Secret Crunch Records is a new imprint established last year by Vienna-based artists Roman Rauch and Moony Me.  Both producers have a similar musical ethos heavily influenced by hip-hop, soul, funk and disco and this is evident in the samples used throughout their productions.  Their first EP, “Bunch of Crunch” featured the pair’s collaboration on four tracks plus two additional remixes.  Their second, aptly titled “One Split Wonder” EP will feature three tracks from each producer divided onto the two sides of the record.  There is no A or B side but rather the RR (Roman Rauch) side and the MM (Moony Me) side.

The Bolting Bits premiere is focused on the first track on Moony Me’s side, “Screwdriver,”  A classic percussion loop and a straight house beat form the backbone of the groove as stabby sampled chords are introduced into the fray.  A no-frills, vintage sounding bass line comes in and works well in tandem with the other elements.  The real ear pleaser here is the early 1990’s sped up R&B vocal sample (we’ll let you dig it up yourself) which makes an early, teasing appearance before the song is stripped back.  As the track breaks down the chords and vocals are brought back in, with a build-up in the groove it creates a perfect hands in the air moment which should be able to pack any dancefloor.

As always, don’t forget to check out the other stellar cuts on the record. This one is expected to hit store shelves at the end of the month so get your pre-orders in now!


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Carlo & Black Loops – Intermission EP

Carlo & Black Loops - Intermission EP

Carlo and Black Loops have joined forces together to release the “Intermission” EP. It’s full of catchy samples and funky soulful vibes. The release is out soon on Good Ratio Music but you can pre-order it!


An Italian-Spanish connection is always a good thing. The sort of sensual and Mediterranean emotions that Carlo and Black Loops can deliver, is a skill that has been taken far on this new EP.

The dichotomy can prove difficult to square sometimes, particularly when the guys have different paths in their sound. But the mix is rich here.

The Intermission EP is a packed full of soul samples, warm pads, and great solid beats wrapped up as a soulful declaration. Their massive love for music really shines through in this EP.

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