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Club Tenampa – Beso Perfecto EP

Regith Records based out of Puebla, Mexico is proud to be releasing a preview of Club Tenampa’s debut EP, Beso Perfecto.” The EP will be released on all digital stores in January so be ready!

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Beerlover – Feeling

Check out Beerlover’s latest single “Feelings” out very soon. “Feelings” is a true French house track with funky loops and a groovin’ vocal. This is definitely a track you don’t want to let slip by!

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Fare Soldi – Disco Or Die EP

Fare Soldi are back to release their “Disco Or Die” EP that contains 5 tracks that redefine what disco is in 2013. The release is set for the 15 of October and will be on Riotmaker Records.

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Libano – Ruta 69

Ricardo Gomez aka Libano hailing from Mexico City has released a new single “Ruta 69” off his “MarinoEP. Just a little over 7 minutes long, “Ruta 69” takes you on a filter house journey with funky loops and smooth filters which leaves goosebumps on your skin. It’s hard to find quality French house music these days but we struck a gold mine of music on Libano’s Soundcloud! Grab a free copy and check out his other awesome production.

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Uppermost – Hidden Poetry

After having released his popular “Revolution” album, Parisian producer Uppermost is at it again releasing his follow up “Hidden PoetryEP.

The “Hidden PoetryEP contains 2 French electro style tracks called “Visions” and “Hidden Poetry.” “Visions” is the kind of track which gives you goosebumps, perfect for the season. Next is “Hidden Poetry,” a fine French house track ready to get a party started. Both of these tracks are out now on Uppwind Records and can be purchased on Beatport.

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Housetronaut Feat. Bon Vivant – Daydreaming Part 2

Filter house producer Housetronaut is back at it again releasing the 2nd part of his “Daydreaming” single also featuring Bon Vivant.

Daydreaming” part 2 can be described with just reading the song title. It’s a dreamy track with classy filters, rich loops and amazing vocals as always by Bon Vivant. This is what we like to call “feel good” house music, giving you goosebumps instantly! Check out the music video part 1 of “Daydreaming,” which also features Bon Vivant.

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Modulaire And Stupid Beats – Boissons EP

Mexican French house mafia members Modulaire and Stupid Beats have paired up to release their latest Playboy Magazine approved EP “Boissons,” which is out soon on Coquette Maison.

The “BoissonsEP contains 2 funky fresh French house tracks, first being “Vanilla Cream Soda.” It’s a 100% filter house track with incredible loops and a really classy sample. Next is “Dry Martini,” which has all the right ingredients for a party. You can’t go wrong playing this classy tunes out, in the mean time sit tight and we’ll keep you updated with the release.

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Paul Hadame – Funky Blush

Hailing from Aix-en-Provence, France comes Paul Hadame, the second member of Sample Jack. He’s back at it and has released a new single “Funky Blush,” which is out now as a free download. “Funky Blush” is a classy French house track with a smooth beat, looping vocal and funky synthesizers.

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Skibblez And Goldbass – Do It Again

Swedish producer Danial Ghassemi has embarked on his solo project “Goldbass,” playing a classy blend of funky nu disco and French house. Daniel paired up with Skibblez  to release “Do It Again,” a funky filter house track. There’s also an upcoming “PrimadonaEP which Goldbass will be releasing soon. Grab a free copy and enjoy these fresh summer vibes.

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マクロスMacross 82-99 – 無限周波数

The Japanese producer マクロスMacross 82-99 has release his track “無限周波数” which is top notch classy French house. It’s sad that “無限周波数” is just under 2 minutes long yet I can sit here and play repeat and still not get sick of it. Check out a recent edit that マクロスMacross 82-99 released of Discotexas’ Da Chick. Her track “Lotta Love” was given a different approach, a chill tropical summer vibe.

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