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Toast Tapes Mix #042 // Carlo

Toast Tapes Mix #042 // Carlo

First off we wanted to introduce Carlo, a Spaniard Producer and DJ based out of Berlin. He’s released a brand new Toast Tape to start off the month. Get ready to jet set between endless summers on both hemispheres, listening to eccentric bass-heavy driven jazzy, funky deep house and warm soulful disco. The mix features unreleased tracks by Black Loops, Tech Support and Till Von Sein out soon in September on his label Neovinyl Recordings!

Tommes – Stendal Sunset Boulevard – MODEM:39
Octo Octa – Fleeting Moments Of Freedom (Wooo) – Honey Soundsystem
Tito Wun – Iguacu Hash – AVA.
Dego & Kaidi – Black Is Key – Eglo Records
Planty Herbs – Today – Razor-N-Tape
Jus Tadi – Love Like Glove (Carlo Remix) – Sub_Urban
Chevals – Please Don’t – HOMAGE
Black Loops – Baustelle (Tech Support Recordings Edit) – Neovinyl Recordings
Carlo – Unreleased
Intr0beatz – L Y 93 Years – Plastik People Recordings
Ruff Stuff – Donna Dumb – Rough Recordings
Snazzy Traxx – Give Em A Beat – Snazzy Traxx
Babak – Mon Repos (TILL VON SEIN Remix) – Neovinyl Recordings
TLC – No Scrubs

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Toast Tapes Mix #040 // Martín Miguel

Toast Tapes Mix #040 // Martín Miguel

You’ve come to the right place for mind-melting soul and disco tracks curated by our DC friend, Martín Miguel. This mix is full of unreleased gems out soon on his label Better Listen Records. Roll back and relax with us while the music tides you in with some oceanic funk that effortlessly cascades into glossy house jams. The next hour of music will be sure to keep you toasty and moving.



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Toast Tapes Mix #039 // Sune

Toast Tapes Mix #039 // Sune

Here’s the latest Toast Tape installment of an hour long mix by our Swedish friend Emil Sunesson . The mix is all vinyl and includes some summertime favorites that will get you feeling toasty! Sune has some upcoming releases on vinyl, first being in early May on Lagaffe Tales and secondly a 4 tracker on Kyoku Records with a remix from Daniel Leseman that’s gonna drop late May. If you didn’t know, he’s also co-founder for Hi Hat Appreciation Society, a super dope initiative that plays some amazing house music.

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Toast Tapes Mix #037 // Dino Soccio

Toast Tapes Mix #037 // Dino Soccio

To introduce yourself, who are you and how would you describe your music?

I’m Dino Soccio, DJ/Producer from Los Angeles via Chicago, I play, produce, and write R&B/Soul dance music. Sometimes it ends up being house, sometimes it ends up being what they’re calling modern funk/boogie.

Which artists and styles inspired and influenced you the most?

My inspirations and influences change over time but most recently I’ve been really digging the dance music that was made in the first half of the 80’s and the artists that now are trying to capture that feeling today.  Italian stuff from that era like Raf, Jago, Clio, and Plustwo all resonate with me.  Had a bit of an infatuation with 80’s soul music that was played at Paradise Garage between ’81-85 the last year and discovered plenty of stuff I wasn’t as familiar with- Womack & Womack, T.C. Curtis, Lonnie Reaves, Spencer Jones, the lesser known BB&Q Band.  New music and reissues being put out on Star Creature, Cultures of Soul, PPU, BBE, Superior Elevation, and The Whole Truth get me excited.

What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

I’ll mention two here.  One is an all time classic Luther Vandross Never Too Much.  It always gives me chills playing that one in a set. Never get tired of it.  Another is Ten City’s All Loved Out (Love Serenade Mix).  Amazing playing on this one, lots of space, MUCHO feels going on there.  And here’s one more- Talk Talk- New Grass.  Definitely one of my top 10 tunes of all time, not a dance tune by any means but it resonates so much.

Tell us a bit about the Toast Tape you’ve put together.

This is just a sample of what I’ve been playing often in sets at my gigs in LA.  I play plenty of parties but I also do the 4 hour bar/club sets and I love doing it because it lets you stretch out and dig into some vibes.  Lots of countdowns in this one, wasn’t planned.  All vinyl, live mixing, no frills.  Hope you enjoy.

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Toast Tapes Mix #036 // Hotmood

Toast Tapes Mix #036 // Hotmood

Our friend Hotmood based out of Guadalajara has released his brand new edition to the Toast Tapes. This mix is jam packed with funky disco edits and tons of hot classics. Hotmood’s style encompasses slo-mo boogie, groove laden disco, quality house, 70’s funk, and deep sounds. Snag your free copy below before it’s too late, enjoy!



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Laberge Logo


Chaka Khan – I know you, I live you (Danny Krivit Mix)
Melba Moore – Piece of the Rock (Laberge Edit)
Hotmood – Superstar
Shazzam – Hopscotch
Roy Davis Jr Ft. Peven Everett – Gabriel (Live Garage Version)
Chris Gray – Blue Waters
Joshua – Shimmy
Wrecktarr – Spent (Nu Sample Mix)
Paul Johnson – The Groove I Have
Silicon Soul – Chi-o-Laa
Tyshaun – Peace n Luv
Dimitri & Tom – How We Are
Julien Jabre – Yalopa
Ray Mang – Number One
Royksopp – Remind Me (Ernest St Laurent Moonfish Mix)
Cassius Ft. Leroy Burgess – Under Influence
Moodymann – I’m Doing Fine

To introduce yourself, who are you and how would you describe your music?
I’m Justin Laberge, from Vancouver BC. I’ve been DJ’ing and producing for almost 10 years now.  My music is sample based with very heavy influence from disco, funk and soul. I’ve produced everything from house music, to hip hop.
Were you from a musical background or is it something you came to on your own?
As a child, my parents wanted me to learn the piano. My mom has played a lot of different instruments throughout her life so it’s always been a part of my life. I stopped playing piano at the age of 12 and started again in my early 20’s. Ever since I started in music, I was able to instinctively tell basic things like when songs were in or out of key. As I started to DJ, I began really finding the sounds I liked and the sounds I really didn’t like. I should have never stopped playing the piano though!
Which artists and styles inspired and influenced you the most?
Well the obvious answer here is Daft Punk, but to be honest, it was during the original Le Knight Club and Roule releases when I actually took interest in sampling. When I was about 15, my friend Brad had bought the original copies of Waves I & II and lent them to me. I must have listened to those hundreds of times. I was already into Daft Punk, but this is when I got obsessed with that style. In the simplest terms, house music from 1998-2003 is the strongest influence on my sound and style.
If you were stuck on a desert island, and could only listen to three albums for the rest of your life, what would they be?
Shakatak – Night Birds
Ian Pooley – Since Then
The Avalanches – Since I Left You
I’ve listened to these all hundreds of times, and I still get excited to hear them again. Seriously how is that Shakatak album so good? There’s only hits on every track. The other two should be self explanatory, “900 Degrees” is one of the best sampled house tracks ever made, if not the best. Without a doubt “Since I Left You” is the best hour of music ever. Again I have to give huge credit to Brad for lending me both the Ian Pooley and Avalanches albums when they originally came out in 2000.
Do you have any interesting hobbies besides music?
Oh yes, which explains why I am pretty sporadic with my releases and tend to not put stuff out properly. I love skateboarding, snowboarding, video games, video production, writing and more. I’ve been working on video editing a lot lately, including After Effects. I started my own Youtube channel to practice voice-overs and editing skills. I think I’m addicted to learning new things but never quite mastering them.
Laberge Skate
 Photo taken by Norma Ibarra
Tell us a bit about the Mixtape you’ve put together.
This mixtape is really a big mish-mash of a lot of cool records I have sitting around, a few little side projects I worked on and just a few neat house tracks. Just a quick aside, there’s one track I worked on with Wrecktarr called “Spent” (Nu Sample Mix) which was really cool since he had used a Rhodes sample, and I reproduced it using my own Rhodes and then mastered the track with him. It’s one of my favorite tracks this year and I didn’t even write it. Other than that, I have an unreleased edit in here and the rest is just some stuff I really like. I feel it’s a bit all over the place, which is a pretty accurate representation of myself.
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French Toast Mixtape by Goldsmith

To introduce yourself, who are you and how would you describe your music?
Well, my name is Jake Goldsmith, I’m originally from El Paso, Texas, but now reside in Phoenix, Arizona where I put on a semi-regular party with a few friends under the Rebel Disco and formerly Push Push monikers. We’ve hosted artists from across the globe like, Tensnake, Psychemagik, Daniel Avery, Bicep, Tim Sweeney, Eric ‘Dr. Dunks’ Duncan, Jacques Renault, Roman Flugel, Waze & Odyssey, Joakim, Classixx, Justin Miller, and DJ Kaos, to name a few. I would say the sound or vibe we try to showcase is sort of a classic American club sound.
Could you tell us a bit about Rebel Disco and how it all started?
Actually, it sort of started as a joke, well the name at least. We wanted to do parties, but didn’t have a flag to fly, so we just started tossing around a few names and most of it was just silly, and I guess the RD thing just sorta stuck. The events started to pick up steam eventually, and we grew by adding a few more guys to the crew. Now we’ve got a media guy, a couple of DJ’s, friends working on music, and still doing events with talent we are excited about; there’s even the idea of pushing this thing out a bit further in some way.
Are there any upcoming Rebel Disco parties in the future?
Sure, yeah, we’ve got a lot in the pipeline. We are very much looking forward to our Spring/Summer line up which if all goes well will bring The Black Madonna, Magic Touch, HNNY, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Suzanne Kraft & Young Marco,Midnight Magic, and one we are all really looking forward to, Move D (fingers crossed).
Tell us a bit about the Mixtape you’ve put together.
Sure. With this mix, I wanted to give your readers something a bit different than the other mixes on your blog. I took this one into deeper territory, but sprinkled in some disco vibes for good measure. I’m pleased with the result, I hope you and your readers can dig it as well. Thanks for the opportunity!
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French Toast Exclusive Mixtape by Eau Claire

Just a girl trying to do the disco thang.

Calgary born and raised in the States. Eau Claire has been making some noise in the music scene with both her talents as a producer/remixer and DJ. Her love for disco and nu-disco has created her a special niche in the growing community of producers and DJs. You can catch her playing live in DC at her regular gigs at Daikaya in Chinatown (2nd Saturdays of the month) and at Resturaunt Marvin in U Street (4th Sunday of the month). Make sure to follow her on Facebook and SoundCloud to get updates about her gigs!

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i-DJ: Robotaki

Stepping up to the plate for this week’s i-DJ is Toronto resident Robotaki aka Preston. The Harry Potter fan works his magic on elements of funk, disco, house and electro-pop, resulting in light-hearted music for those who choose to take life a little less seriously. Kickstart your weekend and delve into Robotaki’s world.

01. Kavinsky – Nightcall (Robotaki Mix) [Record Makers]
02. Du Tonc – Darkness [Cheap Thrills]
03. 5eya – Cuttings [Heavy Disco]
04. Tobtok – Pegasus [Heavy Disco]
05. Edwin van Cleef – Two As One [White Label]
06. She Said Disco – Chicville [Heavy Disco]
07. Robotaki – We’re So Clueless [Forthcoming]
08. Bobby Tank – Lion Star [MofoHifi]
09. DiscoSocks – Lifetime [Heavy Disco]
10. DiscoSocks – Motivation [Heavy Disco]
11. Fonkynson – Right Thing (G-Thor Soundtrack Mix) [Heavy Disco]
12. Surrender! – S_M_A_S_H (Blende Remix) [La Bombe]
13. Chilly Gonzales – You Can Dance (Robotaki Remix) [Arts & Crafts / Schmooze]
14. DiscoSocks – Goldman Sax [Heavy Disco]
15. Metronomy – I’m Aquarius (Edwin van Cleef) [White Label]
16. Girls Generation – The Boys (Robotaki Instrumental) [S.M. Entertainment]
17. Robotaki – It’s Still About You [Forthcoming]
18. Douze – LA Party [Heavy Disco]
19. Allopam – Talking To My Radio [Heavy Disco]
20. Housse De Racket – Roman [Kitsune]

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Final DJs – Nu Disco Your Disco Exclusive Mix

1.)Bestrack – Dont Quit 
2.)Tobtok – Beware 
3.)Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Tommy Remix) 
4.)Breakbot – One out of Two (Oliver Remix) 
5.)Bufi & La Royale – Watch Out 
6.)The Electric Sons – Breathing Electricity (Lenno & Jesse Oliver Remix) 
7.)Frankfurt Express – Wake Up (Lifelike Remix) 
8.)Rogue Vogue feat. Patrick Baker – Until the Dawn 
9.)Follow Me – Somethin About You (Satin Jackets Remix) 
10.)Isaac Tichauer – To Fall in Love is True 
11.)Two Door Cinema Club – Undercover Martyn (Softwar Remix) 
12.)Dumb Dan – Ele (Jesper Samuelson 2013 Remix) 
13.)Kimbra – Two Way Street (Aeroplane Remix)

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