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slamb – bubblah (the chaka refreek)

slamb - bubblah (the chaka refreek)

Australian producer Slamb has released his latest track “Bubblah,” a classy and funky Chaka Khan disco edit.  The track was first premiered on Sonderr’s Mushi-Shi radio show, where it paired perfectly with the lo-fi sounding house jams.

Grab a free download and enjoy!

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HADE – Say What U Wanna Say

HADE - Say What U Wanna Say

For our first release of 2017 RNT welcomes HADE! Best known for his work on Local Talk and Basic Fingers, the Cologne native delivers a symmetrical 2 sides of disco edit barnstormers and downtempo head-nodders. From the beefy kick drum thump of Say What You Wanna Say and My Thang, to the obscure yet memorable sample sources of Jeep Cherokee XJ and Range Rover HSE, this is one to get the party shaking!

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Toast Tapes Mix #036 // Hotmood

Toast Tapes Mix #036 // Hotmood

Our friend Hotmood based out of Guadalajara has released his brand new edition to the Toast Tapes. This mix is jam packed with funky disco edits and tons of hot classics. Hotmood’s style encompasses slo-mo boogie, groove laden disco, quality house, 70’s funk, and deep sounds. Snag your free copy below before it’s too late, enjoy!



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Moony Me – Screwdriver

Moony Me - Screwdriver

Secret Crunch Records is a new imprint established last year by Vienna-based artists Roman Rauch and Moony Me.  Both producers have a similar musical ethos heavily influenced by hip-hop, soul, funk and disco and this is evident in the samples used throughout their productions.  Their first EP, “Bunch of Crunch” featured the pair’s collaboration on four tracks plus two additional remixes.  Their second, aptly titled “One Split Wonder” EP will feature three tracks from each producer divided onto the two sides of the record.  There is no A or B side but rather the RR (Roman Rauch) side and the MM (Moony Me) side.

The Bolting Bits premiere is focused on the first track on Moony Me’s side, “Screwdriver,”  A classic percussion loop and a straight house beat form the backbone of the groove as stabby sampled chords are introduced into the fray.  A no-frills, vintage sounding bass line comes in and works well in tandem with the other elements.  The real ear pleaser here is the early 1990’s sped up R&B vocal sample (we’ll let you dig it up yourself) which makes an early, teasing appearance before the song is stripped back.  As the track breaks down the chords and vocals are brought back in, with a build-up in the groove it creates a perfect hands in the air moment which should be able to pack any dancefloor.

As always, don’t forget to check out the other stellar cuts on the record. This one is expected to hit store shelves at the end of the month so get your pre-orders in now!


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Dave Allison – Boogie Flight

You can never get too much music from Dave Allison, with his pristine taste in quality deep disco tunes. Today he’s released a preview to his single track Boogie Flight, an out of this world track with sensual guitar riffs, a funky bass and a chilled out disco beat.

When listening to Boogie Flight, you’re definitely flying first class!

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Gavinho – Funkylines

Mexican producer Gavinho has released a bomb new single Funkylines, out as a free download thanks to the blog Resonante.  Grab your copies HERE and show these cool cats some love.

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This Love’s 4 U (Parts 1&2) [LNTG Rework]

Late Nite Tuff Guy is a new breed of disco vigilante, prowling the neon streets on a mission from God / David Mancuso to reclaim the clubs and fuck shit up. The scandalous alter-ego of genuine techno legend HMC (known to his momma as Cam Bianchetti), Late Nite Tuff Guy (LNTG) puts the acrimony in acronym, the oh in disco, the amp in camp and the dang in dangerous.

Late Nite Tuff Guy first did this edit of This Love’s 4 U about 2 years ago and never was really happy with it. Here’s an updated version in 2 different parts and is over 14 minutes of joy.


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Joey Negro – George Will Come Again

For a limited time only Joey Negro is giving away George Will Come Again, one of GB’s lesser known 80’s cuts featuring Chaka Khan towards the end gets a much beefed up edit.

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Blood Orange – On The Line (Star Slinger Edit)

Star Slinger, the infamous UK producer has been slangin’ fresh disco tracks this year and we love it! Check out the dance floor friendly edit of Blood Orange’s track On The Line available on the Cupid Deluxe album.  Star Slinger’s edit is available as a free download on HERE so snag your free copies asap and don’t forget to spread the word!

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Get Down Edits Best Of 2013

Do you need your disco dosage of the day? Check out the Get Down Edits mix tape featuring their favorite tracks/ edits of 2013. Grab a free copy and as always, track list is available!

1 – Get Down Edits – Heaven Sent
2 – Late Nite Tuff Guy – Reality
3 – Leon Sweet – Wasn’t I Your Friend
4 – A&R Edits Vol 1 – Buffalo Dance (Henry Greenwood Edit)
5 – Greg Wilson – 12-Turn-13
6 – Buzz Compass – Emotional Rescue
7 – Beard In Dust – Highest Mountain
8 – Gazeebo – New Directions
9 – Super Fuzz 3000 – Falling In Love
10 – Fingerman – Too Much
11 – Shit Hot Soundsystem – Gandalf The
12 – Late Nite Tuff Guy – Holiday
13 – Riff Clichard – Through With Love
14 – Drop Out Orchestra – Red Beans
15 – Patrice Rushen – Haven’t You Heard

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