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Nachtbraker – Misses madame mademoiselle EP

Nachtbraker - Misses madame mademoiselle EP

HEIST027 | Nachtbraker – Misses madame mademoiselle EP feat. San Proper’s elegy and Session Victim remix will be out September 11.

A curious meeting was the result of an open studio door of Nachtbraker, and the hint of disco coming out the door, where Dr. San Proper just happened to pass by in search of whatever it is he searches for at 10 am on a Tuesday. The good doctor decided to walk in, greeted Nachtbraker in his ordinary weird way and casually grabbed a microphone. Nachtbraker pressed record, Dr. Proper got his inner Mick Jagger on, and behold: Misses, madame, mademoiselle was born: an up-tempo disco groove with Nachtbraker’s touch of loose arrangement, and San Proper’s amazing vocals. We asked our good friends and great producer duo Session Victim to re-interpret M.m.m. and they gave it a great dreamy-but-groovy twist, adding pads and shuffling hi-hats.

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Detroit Swindle – Can’t Hold It EP

Detroit Swindle - Can't Hold It EP

“4 years after the conception of Heist Recordings with the “Break Up To Make Up” EP by label heads Detroit Swindle, they deliver their 5th solo record and release #26 for the label.”

HEIST026 | Detroit Swindle – Can’t Hold It EP will be released on July 31st.

“On the “Can’t Hold It” EP, the guys showcase their love for lush disco, analogue basslines and leftfield musicians, bringing in NYC native Willie Burns for a remix that shows you the darkest side of Heist yet.
The title track and EP opener should feel like a warm welcome to those who enjoyed last year’s “Howsmusic” so much: warm subs, galloping hi-hats and an exotic synth loop that’ll get stuck in your head for hours and hours.
“Just not Norma” goes on in a similar manner, this time built around a few simple but effective keys chops and the lovely solo work of Mark de Clive-Lowe, adding a dash of emotional P-funk to the groove.
The B-side takes a jump into more electronic territory with both versions of “Tamarindus hollandicus”. The original evolves around a bell- like percussion loop and a roaring Moog bass, with synth, strings and piano loops exchanging their spot on center stage. Willie Burns gets all dark and trippy on his excursion into electro territory. Machinegun-like claps and haunting strings accompany the breakbeat-not-breakbeat and ruthless bassline to give the EP a thrilling finale.
These 4 tracks show you a wide variation of dancefloor moods and hopefully will make you fist pump, strip, get down, jump, scream or do whatever it is you do when you’re releasing your energy at a party.

Yours Sincerely, Maarten & Lars.”

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Fouk – With Lasers EP

Fouk - With Lasers EP

Dutch producers Daniël Leseman & Hans Peeman together form Fouk.  They recently released their With Lasers EP out on Heist Recordings.  The EP features 3 solid tracks and a fresh remix by Mount Liberation Unlimited.  This is definitely a vinyl release you don’t want to let pass by so get your copies now on the link below!


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Detroit Swindle – Derrière La Scène

Soulphiction – Drama Queen
Rene Breitbarth – Phunk
Roberto Rodriguez – I Keep Thinking Of You
Eva Be – Confusion Of A Lady Feat. Ladi6 (Rampa Remix)
Mic Newman – The Shelter
K Hand – Out Yo Mind
Hundred020 – The Whale Minke Congregation
Detroit Swindle – Freak Stuff
Citizen – In My Mind
Medlar – Knockard Pearl (Detroit Swindle Remix)
Immer & Mr J – Delta 23

Check out a new wicked  deep house mix by Detroit Swindle. Detroit Swindle is Dutch duo Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets both who share the same passion for Detroit inspired soul music. This mix was released on Overdose.am which is a cultural magazine based in Amsterdam. Another thing to point out is that this mix has an unreleased track “Freak Stuff” by Detroit Swindle which will be out April/ May of this year.

Here is also a preview of an upcoming remix by Detroit Swindle of Zoo Look’s track “Over Me.” The EP is set to be released on Vinyl in March and digital to follow on Morris Audio.

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