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Polygon – W1 & W2

Polygon - W1 & W2

Mexican producer Rafa Navajas aka Polygon is set on a new path of vinyl based house music.  He’s been around for a while and is 1/3 of Lemon Mint, now exclusively a live band alongside Carlos and Djeko.  W1 & W2 are the perfect example of quality and classiness.  These 2 jammers will be out soon (probably vinyl only) so stay tuned!

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VA – Diggin’ Disco Deep # 5

VA - Diggin' Disco Deep # 5

Diggin’ Disco Deep has a brand new release for Record Store Day this year featuring Lipski, The Silver Rider, Folamour, Gari Romalis & Lello Di Franco.  The release is an incredibly classy blend of deep disco tunes that are perfect to get toasty this summer.  Get your copies and enjoy!

Juno: www.juno.co.uk/products/diggin-d…-deep-5/645793-01
Deejay: www.deejay.de/Various_Artists_Di…5RSD_Vinyl__269350
Pacific Beach Vinyl: www.pbvinyl.com/products/v-a-digg…-disco-deep-5-rsd
OYE Records: oye-records.com/list.php?skey=diggin+disco+deep
Piccadilly: www.piccadillyrecords.com/counter/prod…p?pid=115080
Jetset: www.jetsetrecords.net/i/723005274809
Strada: www.stradarecords.com/shop/item/1861…hp?language=en
Discopiu: www.discopiu.com/detail.aspx?ida=130168
Diskunion: diskunion.net/clubt/ct/detail/1007353195
Deep: www.deep.hu/catalog/DDD005RSD
Intense Records: www.intenserecords.com/music/funk-so…em/28048.html
Banquet Records: www.banquetrecords.com/diggin%27-dis…day/DDD005RSD


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Dorsi Plantar – Everlast EP

Dorsi Plantar - Everlast EP

Dorsi Plantar gives us a little preview of half of his highly anticipated Everlast EP out in early May on Better Listen Records.  First of course is Everlast, an uplifting dance track that will leave you wanting to listen to more of the EP.  Fool’s Gold is also a joyful house track which is equally as good!

Juno: goo.gl/sYe4oe
RedEye: goo.gl/gcYtLW


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Demuja – Old Fashioned EP

Demuja - Old Fashioned EP

The talented Austrian DJ and producer Demuja has released a preview of his upcoming Old Fashioned EP out in June on Traxx Underground.  This EP contains 4 house jams perfect for the season.  Pre-order your copy now!


Bandcamp: https://goo.gl/U2JQ3s
Deejay.de: https://goo.gl/LtbMij
Decks: https://goo.gl/e4vwty
Juno: https://goo.gl/GqQ4pB

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Henry Wu – Just Negotiate feat. Simeon Jones (Kaidi Tatham Remix)

Henry Wu - Just Negotiate feat. Simeon Jones (Kaidi Tatham Remix)

Henry Wu (aka Kamaal Williams of Yussef Kamaal) returns to Eglo Records following his joint EP with K15 as Wu15. ‘Deep In The Mudd’ is a 6 track EP which journeys through Broken Beat, House, Hip Hop and Jazz… and once again he’s joined by a few special guests.

Pre-Order 6 track 12″ Vinyl EP: eglorecords.bandcamp.com/album/deep-i…ep-ft-banton

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WCJW – Stunt

WCJW - Stunt

Well Cut Jazz Workout (WCJW) also known has Moodymanc or Dubble D, showcases all his talent with his latest release. It comes in the form of a dynamite 4 tracker! The title track ‘’Stunt’’ is a delicate piece filled with a unconventional but effective drum kit, and beautiful chords. You can check out this jazz-infused joint exclusively on When We Dip!

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Chaos In The CBD – Accidental Meetings EP

Chaos In The CBD - Accidental Meetings EP

Chaos In The CBD’s Ben & Louis Helliker-Hales team up with long-time friend and collaborator Jon Sable to present their new imprint ‘In Dust We Trust.’

In Dust We Trust is an ode to a collection of friends who share a certain understanding, who live by a love and respect for the people around them. That friend who saves that last puff for you, that friend who will share their drink with you when you can’t afford your own, that friend who will learn how to drive a car on the spot because you’re too drunk to make it home.

Kicking things off with a release from Chaos In The CBD, ‘Accidental Meetings’ is a record that celebrates this way of living. The four cuts effortlessly move you through a journey of delicate textures and atmospheres. It begins with the late night basement sounds of the title track, then sends you through the spacious and meditative ‘North Pole Cafe.’ The wild rhythms of ‘United Identities’ hypnotise you, until you find yourself spat out by the energetic grooves of ‘Distorted Fields.’

Play it in the club, play it in the hotbox, or play it for your mum, this record is filled with soulful, rhythmically complex, melancholic music that is unmistakably dusty.

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Sad Eyes – I Keeps It Real EP

Sad Eyes - I Keeps It Real EP

Nothing like good ol’ fashion house music to warm your bones in the winter months.  Titled “I Keeps It Real,” the namesake track features ambient, spaced-out, house grooves sprinkled with vocal snippets of male character declaring his realness (we would probably be friends in real life).  The B-Side “Kinda Familiar,” follows the female character through a quest to find true love with just the slightest hint of acid (bass not drug.)  What ensues is a classic comedy of errors.

Anyway, it’s a masterpiece.



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Max Graef & Glenn Astro – The Yard Work Simulator Remixes

Max Graef & Glenn Astro - The Yard Work Simulator Remixes

Photo taken by Maximilian Virgili

German producers Max Graef & Glenn Astro got a sweet new release of remixes from Byron The Aquarius, Greg Beato and IMYRMiND. The release also includes a dub mix by Max & Glenn which is solid! Catch this one out now on Ninja Tune.


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Carlo & Black Loops – Intermission EP

Carlo & Black Loops - Intermission EP

Carlo and Black Loops have joined forces together to release the “Intermission” EP. It’s full of catchy samples and funky soulful vibes. The release is out soon on Good Ratio Music but you can pre-order it!


An Italian-Spanish connection is always a good thing. The sort of sensual and Mediterranean emotions that Carlo and Black Loops can deliver, is a skill that has been taken far on this new EP.

The dichotomy can prove difficult to square sometimes, particularly when the guys have different paths in their sound. But the mix is rich here.

The Intermission EP is a packed full of soul samples, warm pads, and great solid beats wrapped up as a soulful declaration. Their massive love for music really shines through in this EP.

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