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Nightriders – Pacific

Boston’s disco duo Nightriders is finally back again with the release of their new single “Pacific.” It’s 100% chill vibes with mesmerizing synthesizers that will leave you in a state of shock (in a good way.) We’ll keep you guys posted on Nightriders upcoming releases which should be very soon!

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Days Of Funk – Flying Cat (Acos CoolKAs Remix)

Moscow based producer Aleksandr Asaga aka Days Of Funk will be releasing his new single “Flying Cat” the 9th of September on What’s In The Box Records and will feature remixes by Volta Cab, Acos CoolKAs, Monkey Fish and Agraba.

Flying Cat” was given a funky deep touch by Russian duo Acos CoolKAs who mastered the remix. The remix puts you in a trance of beautiful music you can dance to and can be played as an awesome daytime disco tune. We will definitely be grabbing some copies of “Flying Cat!”

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Chris Malinchak – So Into You

For people who do not know Malinchak, Chris Malinchak is a producer from New York City who belongs to the label French Express. Off the back of the success of his last track “So Good To Me,” he has carried on where he left off. “So Into You” is the perfect song for a lazy day, or just relaxing! Grab a free copy and enjoy with the windows down in your car.

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Oxford – Mirage 84 (Neptune Safari Remix)

Neptune Safari has released his “Mirage 84” remix which is by one of our favorite producers, Oxford. Neptune Safari added a funky bassline and chilled out synthesizers. Grab a copy and funk out this summer.

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Poolside – If We Make It

“If We Make It” is the newest release from California based disco band Poolside which will be on their upcoming album. Poolside has really been at it creating awesome daytime disco tracks to enjoy especially by the pool. “If We Make It” definitely is one of those tracks that catch on and will be on repeat. Enjoy a free copy and also check out their previous release “Magic Table” which is a cover originally by Spike released in 1983.



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Lifelike + Kris Menace – Discopolis (Neptune Safari Remix)

Neptune Safari has released his latest remix of “Discopolis” by Lifelike and Kris Menace. At first we were a bit skeptical  because these remixes are normally very mediocre edits. We were wrong, Neptune Safari changed the beat, made it more disco, added classy piano notes and a very chill baseline. Grab a free copy and check out the previous blog post we wrote on him about his track “Adeline Is In A Water Drop.”

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Move D – Useless (Duff Disco Remix)

London producer Duff Disco aka Jeremy Duffy has done it again with his latest remix “Useless” originally by Move D. The release will be out very soon on Electric Minds so don’t get too anxious, but it’s only going to be released on vinyl. Duff Disco’s “Useless” remix is a daytime disco track that has a mellow groovy sensation.

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Poolside – Only Everything

Check out the latest video “Only Everything” by Poolside. You can also get a free copy.

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