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EDITORIAL #20 – Lemon Lime EP

EDITORIAL #20 - Lemon Lime EP

Editorial Records have compiled an awesome new release featuring heavy sluggers Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee, Duff Disco, Buzz Compass and Get Down Edits!  Together they create a unique blend of disco and classy house music.  We just purchased our vinyl copy, get it while supplies last!


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Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee – Slo-Mo Disco LP

Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Slo-Mo Disco LP

Dave Allison has released a new release under his alias Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee.  The Slo-Mo Disco LP contains 5 hearty disco tracks that can be used as weapons on the dance floor.  Get your copies now and enjoy!

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Dave Allison – Boogie Flight

You can never get too much music from Dave Allison, with his pristine taste in quality deep disco tunes. Today he’s released a preview to his single track Boogie Flight, an out of this world track with sensual guitar riffs, a funky bass and a chilled out disco beat.

When listening to Boogie Flight, you’re definitely flying first class!

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Dave Allison – Give Ya Up

Montreal native Dave Allison has released a preview of his latest single Give Ya Up, which the release date is still unknown. Dave Allison is a long time purveyor of funky soulful music, shown greatly with his cosmic space disco track Give Ya Up.

Over the years, Dave’s sound has morphed and evolved , but always stayed true to the roots of funk and disco, with splashes of electronic. His unique twist on a slower disco sound has struck a chord with many people over the world the past couple years, in both production and high quality mixes.

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Mitzi – All I Heard (Dave Allison’s Slo-Mo Disco Remix)

Check out a slow deep  remix of “All I Heard” by Mitzi. The remix is by Canadian producer Dave Allison who really did an amazing job. The track has a slow deep disco classy vibe and a gnarly bassline to make it even more funky. Dave Allison really has a grasp on house music and plays anything from jazz to slo-mo disco. He has been around for quite a while and in 2006 started his own record label called Kinjo Music.

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