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James Rod & Chris Massey – Welcome To The Mutant Disco EP

James Rod & Chris Massey - Welcome To The Mutant Disco EP

That Spanish master of wobbly cosmic disco has joined forces with our very own chief Chris Massey on Sprechen 008 and you’re all cordially invited to The Mutant Disco!

2 tracks of bass heavy disco licked heaters that hook you in from the off & guarantee some serious scenes across the dance-floor.

Hefty remixes come from Norway’s Rave-enka with a stripped back viking techno flavoured unit whilst Manchester’s queen of mean, Gina Breeze throws caution to the ket vest and drops a sweaty house banger for late night/early morning shenanigans…

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Dave Allison – Boogie Flight

You can never get too much music from Dave Allison, with his pristine taste in quality deep disco tunes. Today he’s released a preview to his single track Boogie Flight, an out of this world track with sensual guitar riffs, a funky bass and a chilled out disco beat.

When listening to Boogie Flight, you’re definitely flying first class!

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Todd Terje – Delorean Dynamite

Norwegian disco master Todd Terje has released a new single Delorean Dynamite, which will be alongside Strandbar on his upcoming It’s Album Time album out the 7th of April on his very own Olsen Records.

Todd Terje brings the heat with his magical balearic space disco touch!

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Dave Allison – Give Ya Up

Montreal native Dave Allison has released a preview of his latest single Give Ya Up, which the release date is still unknown. Dave Allison is a long time purveyor of funky soulful music, shown greatly with his cosmic space disco track Give Ya Up.

Over the years, Dave’s sound has morphed and evolved , but always stayed true to the roots of funk and disco, with splashes of electronic. His unique twist on a slower disco sound has struck a chord with many people over the world the past couple years, in both production and high quality mixes.

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Moullinex – Deja Vu (Luke Million Remix)

Moullinex has released his new single “Deja VuEP package on Nurvous Records and features remixes by Beckwith, Reset Safari and Luke Million. (also includes a club, dub and instrumental mix)

Here’s our favorite remix by Luke Million who mastered the perfect synth disco track, which is out of this world! “Deja Vu” was given a shine and made into a club type track. The combination of Moullinex and Luke Million coming together is a disco match made in heaven! With Luke Million’s previous rad remix of “Magic” by Olympic Ayres, he’s coming back with a new EP coming out soon.

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