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Chris Malinchak – If U Got It (The Magician Remix)

The Magician is the alias of talented DJ/Producer, Stephen Fasano who was once a member of the disco duo, Aeroplane. The Magician has now embarked on a magical carpet ride touring the world and spreading his awesome tracks.

Check out his latest remix If U Got It originally by Chris Malinchak and available as a free download HERE.

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Chris Malinchak – So Into You (Harrison Edit)

Future funk master Harrison is just warming up this winter with an exquisite edit of Chris Malinchak’s track “So Into You.” Harrison adds his magic deep touch and funk filled synthesizers and filters. If you haven’t yet, snag a free copy and enjoy! Also check out his previous Kanye West remix of “Champion” we also enjoyed.

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Chris Malinchak – So Into You

For people who do not know Malinchak, Chris Malinchak is a producer from New York City who belongs to the label French Express. Off the back of the success of his last track “So Good To Me,” he has carried on where he left off. “So Into You” is the perfect song for a lazy day, or just relaxing! Grab a free copy and enjoy with the windows down in your car.

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Chris Malinchak – So Good To Me (Dirty Freek Remix)

Check out UK house producer Dirty Freek’s version of “So Good To Me”by Chris Malinchak. The date of release is unknown but all we can say is that this version is very funky and uplifting. “So Good To Me” has gotten many remixes but nothing like Dirty Freek’s which is definitely a summer jam. We’ll keep you posted on this release and be sure to check out Disco Bomb, Dirty Freek’s very own label.

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Chris Malinchak – So Good To Me (Ejeca Remix)

Ejeca has released his remix of “So Good To Me” by Chris Malinchak which is out on French Express. Grab a free copy and enjoy this awesome house track.

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Chris Malinchak – If U Got It

Get blown away by the kinetic and highly soulful energy that mounts the moment the tune starts, where rhodes first open up on the floor. The track benefits from a meticulously engineered mix which takes over every inch of the room (if played on a proper sound system). Try it out for yourself, and witness the the energy flow like they’ve been serving Duracell all night. Get a free download here.

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