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Hotmood – Disco Flava EP

Hotmood - Disco Flava EP

The Nómada label introduce a brand new EP by the Mexican producer Guillermo Santana a.k.a Hotmood. His Career as a producer began in 2005 and he’s released his music on important labels such as Star Creature, Tug Boat Edits, Editorial Records, SFSB, Whiskey Pickle and many others, where he has demonstrated his advance sampling sense on disco and jazz music from the 70’s.

Disco Flava is Hotmood’s debut EP on Nómada Records featuring 3 original tracks where we can perceive through techniques such as sampling and chopping; a strong influence for Latin Jazz, Disco and Funk music. It’s also accompanied by two exclusive remixes by the nomads Discoholycs and Felipe Gordon who add to the singles Psychomaniac and Disco Flava that missing House and Club ingredient.

All original tracks are produced and mixed by Hotmood. All tracks mastered by Lucien Magual. The bassline on Psychomaniac (Discohoycs Remix) was played and recorded by Jonahlo.

Out August 15th exclusively on Traxsource.


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That’s Not An Edit Vol.5

That's Not An Edit Vol.5

Bite into some of Australia’s funkier side with That’s Not An Edit Vol.5 featuring Timber, Dj Soup, Meem, Caratgold, Jayo, Frankee More, JR.Dynamite Edits, Hober Mallow, Dastardly Kuts, dL, The Party Kid, Skinny Dipp, D-Funk, Sard Boogie and Paris Groovescooter!

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Dave Allison – Boogie Flight

You can never get too much music from Dave Allison, with his pristine taste in quality deep disco tunes. Today he’s released a preview to his single track Boogie Flight, an out of this world track with sensual guitar riffs, a funky bass and a chilled out disco beat.

When listening to Boogie Flight, you’re definitely flying first class!

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Tesla Boy Feat. Tyson – Broken Doll (Pioneerball Remix)

Tesla boy’sBroken DollEP is finally out and features very funky vocals by Tyson. The “Broken DollEP features an original version, dub version and 2 remixes by Pioneerball and Sportloto. This definitely is a new favorite!

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Kwick – Night Life (U-Tern And Cosmic Kids Edit)

It’s time to boogie with one of our favorite collaborators, U-Tern and Cosmic Kids. Together they pulled together to make an funky edit of “Night Life” originally by the 80’s soul funk band Kwick. It’s nice to see music from the past cycling back to our generations, contrary to what’s popular on the radio (top 40.) The release of “Night Life” will be out soon on Chit Chat Records very soon, we’ll keep you posted!

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Kon Feat. Amy Douglas – All Night Everybody

Boston funk producer Kon has released the first track “All Night Everybody” from his upcoming LP “On My Way” out the 22nd of July on Barely Breaking Even. “All Night Everybody” has a classic disco vibe with a strong bass line, wonderful vocals by Amy Douglas and keys by Yuki Monolog Kanesaka. Stay tuned for more updates on the release.

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JKriv And The Disco Machine – Way Down

Take a preview of JKriv & The Disco Machine’s track “Way Down” which is on their new EP “The High Fidelity Sound” coming very soon on File Under Disco. “Way Down” is a funky track which also features vocals by Lou Teti. It’s good to have awesome disco tunes still being released by awesome American talent.

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Private Function EP

The San Francisco based record label Voltaire Records has released their latest EP “Private Function” which includes 4 awesome tracks by K-Maxx, Night School, Loose Shus, XL Middleton and Eddy Funkster. Get ready to get funked up and boogie all night long because the “Private Function” EP will do those kinds of things to you. You can grab this release only on 12″ at the Voltaire Records web store.

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Falcon Punch And Roller Radio – Never Enough

Disco funk producer Falcon Punch has joined up with Roller Radio for the second time now to release their latest single “Never Enough.” The two producers hit it off with their first release “I Might Be Gone” which was released a few months back on Lush Records. “Never Enough” is a midtempo deep groove that will get the whole bar singing along with you.

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Ruben And Ra – Feel Your Love

The British disco duo Ruben & Ra have released an awesome new track “Feel Your Love” which is a funky tune to jam out on a Friday afternoon. Ruben & Ra have been disco enthusiasts for quite a while with edits, reworks and original productions coming out of their ears, so they decided to start Retrospective Records. Beware because “Feel Your Love” is an extremely contagious and catchy track which will get you to boogie all night long!

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