thatmanmonkz – Feels Trip To The District EP

thatmanmonkz - Feels Trip To The District EP

Sheffield soulbender thatmanmonkz teams up with his good pal Martín Miguel’s Better Listen Records for his newest EP. The record is inspired by several trips to and dope parties in the District of Columbia, home of the quickly rising label.

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Grant – Perception LP

Grant - Perception LP

Grant releases his Perception LP out October 31st on his new label Duke’s Distribution – a new label without boundaries of genre and style.

First out the gate comes a double LP by the man himself. Grant’s signature deep and atmospheric grooves drip like caramel through smoke, falling lusciously over large crafted and classic, US House drums. The highs rush to move your ethereal thought while the lows move your guts.

Pressed on to two slabs of deep dark and stylish wax. Definitely NEED this!

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Sable Blanc – Bonne Nouvelle EP

Sable Blanc - Bonne Nouvelle

Sable Blanc releases a 2 track EP Bonne Nouvelle out now on Pole Position Recordings. Get your copy now!

Also check out his latest mix he did for Honey Butter Recordings. 1 hour of delicious jams!

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4004 – Sense Of Departure EP

4004 - Sense Of Departure EP

Our Tijuana friend 4004 has his forthcoming 12″ release out October 12th on quintessentials. He’s previously had releases on labels such as Faces Records & mcde / in any case records(forthcoming) Cobra Voyage, and his partner label Vicario LTD, all mostly vinyl. Get your copy now!
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VA – Deep Love 2017

VA - Deep Love 2017

The annual Deep Love compilation has become one of Dirt Crew Recordings most important releases to showcase what they’re all about. It gives them the chance to highlight and welcome new faces alongside the residents who keep the Deep music they stand for alive. This year more than ever have artists from all over the world, from Japan to Canada and Lithuania to Austria represented. Get your copy now!

V/a | Deep Love 2017 (Double Vinyl)

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Opolopo Reworks

Opolopo Reworks

Opolopo fixes up a disco edit out October 16th on wax through the new Russian label Version Galore. These tracks are 100% foot shakers that will get the dance floor lit up. Pre-order your copy now!

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Guri – Everything I Do EP

Guri - Everything I Do EP

“Everything I Do” EP is a delicate & expansive piece of work from Guri, representing a thorough growth in his career dating from his first “Freedom” EP, a 2013 release on Sub_Urban label, which he is currently the A&R Manager.

With concealed chords & vocal samples, ferrying the space in-between the liquid spirited keys & the menacing drums.

Guri shared, “When I started working on “Everything I Do”, I had just returned from holidaying in Berlin & the collection of different emotions were all sombre from all the parties & clubs I had visited. It became an inspiration to start work on a collage of all the feelings I had, sadness of missing the place & the joy of the beautiful things I experienced”

Folamour dives in with a spacey, drawing from a jazz influence & a progressive vibe to the “Everything I Do” remix, blending well the electric bass with the speech snippets. Bringing out a vacant brighter & jolly side that is undoubtful to rock the Balearic Island parties. In “I Can’t Back”, the closing track of the EP, Guri inserts a more funky & electric sound starred with a certainly fitting vocal chop. A solid production from the Sub_Urban Label Producer/DJ.

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Cody Currie – Movin’ Smoke EP

Cody Currie - Movin' Smoke EP

London based producer Cody Currie is on a roll now with his upcoming Movin’ Smoke EP out September 29th on Razor N’ Tape.  The record is driven by a hard hitting jazz and funk style but also with a twist of samples and a bumping deep house vibe.  Reserve your copy now!


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COEO – Flesh World

COEO - Flesh World

COEO are Toy Tonics’ lead artists and they don’t joke! Technically perfect on a level that most producers start to get jealous. Musically filled up with so much knowledge about the history of Disco and House that it’s no wonder that big names like Kenny Dope, Borrowed Identity and Tensnake are huge fans. And their style…? It’s a pure hedonistic discoish attitude that combines the funk driven eclecticism of today, the curiosity of young music cats who always want to be ahead and a sense of QUALITY in music that we miss in so many of today’s house music productions.

In fact it’s 2017 and a lot is changing in the House scene. The “old” melancholic deep house now is quite dead – while most Deep House charts are filled up with sample based Funk House.
COEO are regularly on the top of the several Deep House charts, and there is a reason: Their tracks have that kind of new, nasty, sexualised vibe that gets more inspired from the late 1990ies French touch house or early Masters at Work production. From Jazz DJs and DJ Sets of wildstyle DJs like Harvey or the Idjut Boys. It’s not any more about the old schematic Ketamine Deep House that always sounds the same (and makes your feet fall asleep.)
Listen to Flesh World! It’s black music basically. It’s Booty sound. Disco for sure. This track gets you riding on a trip.
Play it one time and you’ll play it every time. And: Check the percussion jam remix by Toy Tonics head Kapote.

Download & Vinyl:


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Hotmood continues to deliver the heat. One year after his debut on Tugboat Edits, he drops Volume 5 of his Hotmood series on sister-label Star Creature. Bouncing back and forth between Playa Del Carmen and Guadalajara, the tropical climate is sure channeled through his releases. His signature style of beatdown funk and jazz are shown in full effect here and what may be his most complete release to date.

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