Detroit Swindle – Can’t Hold It EP

Detroit Swindle - Can't Hold It EP

“4 years after the conception of Heist Recordings with the “Break Up To Make Up” EP by label heads Detroit Swindle, they deliver their 5th solo record and release #26 for the label.”

HEIST026 | Detroit Swindle – Can’t Hold It EP will be released on July 31st.
PRE ORDER HERE NOW:…-hold-it-now

“On the “Can’t Hold It” EP, the guys showcase their love for lush disco, analogue basslines and leftfield musicians, bringing in NYC native Willie Burns for a remix that shows you the darkest side of Heist yet.
The title track and EP opener should feel like a warm welcome to those who enjoyed last year’s “Howsmusic” so much: warm subs, galloping hi-hats and an exotic synth loop that’ll get stuck in your head for hours and hours.
“Just not Norma” goes on in a similar manner, this time built around a few simple but effective keys chops and the lovely solo work of Mark de Clive-Lowe, adding a dash of emotional P-funk to the groove.
The B-side takes a jump into more electronic territory with both versions of “Tamarindus hollandicus”. The original evolves around a bell- like percussion loop and a roaring Moog bass, with synth, strings and piano loops exchanging their spot on center stage. Willie Burns gets all dark and trippy on his excursion into electro territory. Machinegun-like claps and haunting strings accompany the breakbeat-not-breakbeat and ruthless bassline to give the EP a thrilling finale.
These 4 tracks show you a wide variation of dancefloor moods and hopefully will make you fist pump, strip, get down, jump, scream or do whatever it is you do when you’re releasing your energy at a party.

Yours Sincerely, Maarten & Lars.”

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Paul Rudder – Happiness EP

Paul Rudder - Happiness EP

Hustler Trax team up with Paul Rudder who hails from Gijón, Spain.  Paul has been extremely active over the past few years building an impressive repertoire of releases on labels such as Nervous Records, Large Music, Papa Records, 124 Recordings & Salted Music to name but a few.

With his EP Happiness he brings two great Originals in Happy & He Had both serve up a lovely slice of 90’s house vibes for the summer, and also includes four fantastic remixes from a few newcomers to the label in Yann Polewka & Street Choice as well as some familiar faces like Nicolas Meyer & Lombard Street so there’s plenty to chew on in this bundle.

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The House Of Disco sub-label HOD Stash have a fresh new vinyl release featuring 3 cuts by 2 mysterious artists.


Get your copy now!

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Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee – Slo-Mo Disco LP

Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Slo-Mo Disco LP

Dave Allison has released a new release under his alias Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee.  The Slo-Mo Disco LP contains 5 hearty disco tracks that can be used as weapons on the dance floor.  Get your copies now and enjoy!

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Toast Tapes Mix #041 // Black Loops

Toast Tapes Mix #041 // Black Loops

Italian duo Gabriele Micheli and Riccardo Paffetti AKA Black Loops spark up a fresh new Toast Tape featuring an hour long healthy dose of disco jams.  They’ve been around for quite sometime now releasing exquisite tunes on Toy Tonics, Gruuv, Neovinyl and Pet Recordings.  Black Loops currently reside in Berlin, while also touring around playing their signature deep funky house.  Do yourself a favor and make an extra large cocktail and turn the volume up on this mix, you’ll instantly feel satisfaction.

Don’t forget to check out Black Loops latest Red Light EP out now on Toy Tonics (digital and vinyl)

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P-SOL – Heavy Frequencies EP

P-SOL - Heavy Frequencies EP

NYC based producer DJ P-SOL is back at it again releasing a preview of his latest vinyl out the 10th of July on Whiskey Pickle Records.  The EP features 4 foot stomping disco tracks that can be enjoyed all season long but especially perfect for the summertime!  Pre-order your copy now and start getting your funk on!

P SOL | Heavy Frequencies EP

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The Revenge – Roar Groove meets Dirt Crew Vol. 2 EP

The Revenge - Roar Groove meets Dirt Crew Vol. 2 EP

Photo taken by Gordon Burniston

Never one to rest, our pal The Revenge has been busy as always. His latest LP as 6th Borough Project “Find Your Rhythm” recently dropped on Roar Groove, he created a beautifully delicate remix of Auntie Flo’s “Waiting for a (Woman)”, had a change of scenery relocating from Scotland to Denmark and his collab EP with Dirt Crew, flush with Nachtbraker remixes was one of our biggest records of 2016! Amongst the action he’s taken the time and a more “in yer face” approach to write us his latest EP, a four-tracker of proper club tracks.


“Every Night” brims with raucous disco energy. The “French Filter House” reminiscent gem’s strings shimmer and funk horns hit heavy, a jam destined to wear holes in shoes. “Grit” attends to the easy-going Disco grooves we love so much from The Revenge, plenty of shake and soul it’s overflowing with good mood energy.

B-side opener “Never Learn” gives us a glimpse of the darker end of The Revenge’s spectrum. Subby toms rumble, tweaked out synths bleep and slide and delayed key stabs shift the party into smoke hazed, underground rave mode. The closing track “Krokodille” brings that Bass n Electro gritty booming sound! The acidic lead wraps around sturdy drums. Straight forward with plenty of kick, what an ending to a high quality EP!

Get your copies now in the link provided below!

The Revenge | Roar Groove meets Dirt Crew Vol. 2

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Fouk – With Lasers EP

Fouk - With Lasers EP

Dutch producers Daniël Leseman & Hans Peeman together form Fouk.  They recently released their With Lasers EP out on Heist Recordings.  The EP features 3 solid tracks and a fresh remix by Mount Liberation Unlimited.  This is definitely a vinyl release you don’t want to let pass by so get your copies now on the link below!

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Black Loops – Red Light EP

Black Loops - Red Light EP

Black Loops have paired up again with Toy Tonics to release another fascinating EP.  They’ve released 4 EPs on Toy Tonics total followed by select releases on Gruuv, Neovinyl and most recently Pets Recordings.  The Red Light EP features 4 quality deep house tracks that are topping the charts and are certain to pleasure ears worldwide!

Buy all on Juno:


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DJ Boring + Baltra – Different Dates EP

DJ Boring + Baltra - Different Dates EP

DJ Boring embarks on the sixth expedition into the exotic lands of palm trees and blue skies with his dreamy Different Dates EP.  Expedition six features three jams packed full of moody synth lines and broken beat drum sequences, accompanied by a mind-blowing remix from Baltra. 

Stream ☞
Buy 12″ ☞

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