Lauer at Grand Affair 2.19.2017

Lauer at Grand Affair 2.19.2017

Grand Affair with Lauer at ThirdSpace on February 19th, 2017. Recorded straight out of the ARS Model 9000 Rotary Mixer.

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VA – Vision Of Love 6

VA - Vision Of Love 6

Exotic Refreshment is back with next volumes of well-received compilation series “Vision of Love,” released on their sub-label Exotic Series. 6th volume includes 13 full length tracks and remixes from well known artists like Max Graef, MATRiXXMAN, San Proper, Shur-I-Kan, Glenn Astro, Rick Wade, Vin Sol, Yusuke Yamamoto, Nacho Marco, Lay-Far, Junktion, Chocky, Sam Irl, Vincent Vedat, Stephen Lopkin and many more…

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Saine – Mint EP

Saine - Mint EP

Saine’s Mint EP includes three cuts brimming with hip-hop fused, organic house sound that have always grabbed the attention in the past on labels such as Sleazy Beats, Black Ops, Voyage, Odd Socks and Quartet Series.

On the EP, the tracks ooze obscure sample wizardry, thumping straight-to-the-bone beats & wavering analogue synth textures which do not disappoint.

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Fouk || Four Heads

Fouk || Four Heads

Photo taken by Lennard Heijer

This exclusive mix tape achieves a lot in the space of an hour; it’s a whistle stop tour encompassing jazz flute, disco stabs, ending in a more typical Fouk-esque, funk laden house groove. The rhubarb and custard disparate styles are blended together masterfully and succinctly; meaning this cerebral mix not only keeps you guessing but is fabulously re-playable. Keep it close, it’s a certified pumper.

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That’s Not An Edit Vol.5

That's Not An Edit Vol.5

Bite into some of Australia’s funkier side with That’s Not An Edit Vol.5 featuring Timber, Dj Soup, Meem, Caratgold, Jayo, Frankee More, JR.Dynamite Edits, Hober Mallow, Dastardly Kuts, dL, The Party Kid, Skinny Dipp, D-Funk, Sard Boogie and Paris Groovescooter!

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Toast Tapes Mix #038 // The Funk District

Toast Tapes Mix #038 // The Funk District

1.  To introduce yourself, who are you and how would you describe the Mexican disco scene?
– Well my name is Fernando Mendoza and I’m addicted to any type of funk and disco with a catchy bass line and groovy guitars… In other words I love everything sounding nice and fresh like funk on steroids.
– As a Mexican producer I feel the disco scene in my country already got a big push a couple of years ago by many talented artists but I think it’s about to get to the climax within the next two years, so it’s really our task to keep on supporting each other and especially the new rising talents that share the same love for the music.
2.  If you were stuck on a desert island, and could only listen to three albums for the rest of your life, what would they be?
– That’s really a tough question… I’ve been influenced by a lot of different artists throughout my life and most of them are from different genres, so the answer would really depend on the mood I’m in at the moment.
3.  How would you describe your latest single “Time Will Tell?”
– I would describe my last single “Time Will Tell” as an up-tempo jam filled with a lot of percussion and a lovely flute driven groove, not forgetting the funky bass line and the catchy vocals that blend very well with the rest of the instruments.
4.  Do you have any upcoming material or collaborations?
– Well yes, I was honored to be asked for a remix by Julius The Madthinker for his new upcoming project: Perspective… I made my own funky interpretation of one of his tracks he produced with Russoul aka Pleasure Prince and it’s being released on Aid To The Soulless at the end of March.
5.  Tell us a bit about the Mixtape you’ve put together.
– This mixtape I put together was made with love as a special compilation including the tracks I’ve been playing these days plus 2 forthcoming tracks by myself on the most respected label Hot Digits Music that are going to be released later on this year. It also includes one of the 2 tracks which will be released on my own label Furious Mandrill Records.
I hope you really enjoy the mix !
Fernando Mendoza (The Funk District)
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Antenna – Love 66

Antenna - Love 66

Easing us into 2017 Belgium’s finest, Eskimo Recordings, returns with ‘The Red Collection’. The 6th installment in the label’s color series it brings together the best of the label’s recent releases with unreleased gems from their friends and family including Satin Jackets, Atella, This Soft Machine and many more. Across 13 tracks (and a bonus mix CD) ‘The Red Collection’ expertly segues between left field electronic pop, disco and house, taking us from the frozen north to the souks of the middle east and beyond.

Antenna is a 29-year-old producer living in Kazan, Russia. As main influences in music he names D-Pulse, Telefon Tel Aviv, Ott, Sasha, Shpongle and Lindstrøm. He’s working as a program director and technical director on several big FM radio stations in Russia and produces music by night. Antenna has a cat -his name is Paskuda- and is confident that music is the main thing to change the world. ‘Love 66’ is an ode to his favorite hookah tobacco, and sounds like a breezy slo-mo disco gem filled with Balearic charm.

Out March 3rd, pre-order:

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Toasty February ’17

Toasty February '17

February, a month of solid funky tracks. This month we got some COEO, Cody Currie, The Funk District and many more!

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Red Rack’em – Self Portrait

Red Rack'em - Self Portrait

‘Self Portrait’ is the brand new album by Red Rack’em

Released on his own label Bergerac ‘to retain complete creative freedom’, the album is a super personal journey through the many facets of house, disco and club music that Berman has explored in his 22 years as a DJ and 10 years of releases for labels including Philomena, Ramp, Phonica, Wolf Music, City Fly and of course on his own label Bergerac.

Focussing on sample heavy, off kilter yet danceable grooves, it’s an extended trip through the mind of a true auteur who truly has his own unique perspective of what house music should sound like and how it should function in the club.

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Henry Wu – Just Negotiate feat. Simeon Jones (Kaidi Tatham Remix)

Henry Wu - Just Negotiate feat. Simeon Jones (Kaidi Tatham Remix)

Henry Wu (aka Kamaal Williams of Yussef Kamaal) returns to Eglo Records following his joint EP with K15 as Wu15. ‘Deep In The Mudd’ is a 6 track EP which journeys through Broken Beat, House, Hip Hop and Jazz… and once again he’s joined by a few special guests.

Pre-Order 6 track 12″ Vinyl EP:…ep-ft-banton

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