Cody Currie – Movin’ Smoke EP

Cody Currie - Movin' Smoke EP

London based producer Cody Currie is on a roll now with his upcoming Movin’ Smoke EP out September 29th on Razor N’ Tape.  The record is driven by a hard hitting jazz and funk style but also with a twist of samples and a bumping deep house vibe.  Reserve your copy now!


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COEO – Flesh World

COEO - Flesh World

COEO are Toy Tonics’ lead artists and they don’t joke! Technically perfect on a level that most producers start to get jealous. Musically filled up with so much knowledge about the history of Disco and House that it’s no wonder that big names like Kenny Dope, Borrowed Identity and Tensnake are huge fans. And their style…? It’s a pure hedonistic discoish attitude that combines the funk driven eclecticism of today, the curiosity of young music cats who always want to be ahead and a sense of QUALITY in music that we miss in so many of today’s house music productions.

In fact it’s 2017 and a lot is changing in the House scene. The “old” melancholic deep house now is quite dead – while most Deep House charts are filled up with sample based Funk House.
COEO are regularly on the top of the several Deep House charts, and there is a reason: Their tracks have that kind of new, nasty, sexualised vibe that gets more inspired from the late 1990ies French touch house or early Masters at Work production. From Jazz DJs and DJ Sets of wildstyle DJs like Harvey or the Idjut Boys. It’s not any more about the old schematic Ketamine Deep House that always sounds the same (and makes your feet fall asleep.)
Listen to Flesh World! It’s black music basically. It’s Booty sound. Disco for sure. This track gets you riding on a trip.
Play it one time and you’ll play it every time. And: Check the percussion jam remix by Toy Tonics head Kapote.

Download & Vinyl:


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Hotmood continues to deliver the heat. One year after his debut on Tugboat Edits, he drops Volume 5 of his Hotmood series on sister-label Star Creature. Bouncing back and forth between Playa Del Carmen and Guadalajara, the tropical climate is sure channeled through his releases. His signature style of beatdown funk and jazz are shown in full effect here and what may be his most complete release to date.

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Nachtbraker – Misses madame mademoiselle EP

Nachtbraker - Misses madame mademoiselle EP

HEIST027 | Nachtbraker – Misses madame mademoiselle EP feat. San Proper’s elegy and Session Victim remix will be out September 11.

A curious meeting was the result of an open studio door of Nachtbraker, and the hint of disco coming out the door, where Dr. San Proper just happened to pass by in search of whatever it is he searches for at 10 am on a Tuesday. The good doctor decided to walk in, greeted Nachtbraker in his ordinary weird way and casually grabbed a microphone. Nachtbraker pressed record, Dr. Proper got his inner Mick Jagger on, and behold: Misses, madame, mademoiselle was born: an up-tempo disco groove with Nachtbraker’s touch of loose arrangement, and San Proper’s amazing vocals. We asked our good friends and great producer duo Session Victim to re-interpret M.m.m. and they gave it a great dreamy-but-groovy twist, adding pads and shuffling hi-hats.

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Toasty August ’17

Toasty August '17

August was a month jam packed with awesome house and disco music. Here’s our selections of our favorite tracks of the month. Sit back and relax because this is a funky playlist!

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La.Ga.Sta. Late Summer Compilation Vol. 7

La.Ga.Sta. Late Summer Compilation Vol. 7

The Greek blog Last Gas Station release their 7th Late Summer compilation featuring Project Pablo, Mall Grab, Cooper Saver, Daniel T, Turbotito and many more!  This release is out now and you can name your price on it.  Get it here.

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Jad & The – Strings Never Win

Jad & The - Strings Never Win

Here comes the next Toy Tonics EP!

Fitting perfect with the growing balearic house wave.
Australian surf buddy Jad & The (Ladyboy) is back on the German Toy Tonics label where he started his career 3 years ago. Jad currently moved to Berlin, where he isn’t distracted from too much sun and good waves. Seems that he spent a lot of time in the his new studio: Besides this new Toy Tonics EP he has new releases on Mike Simonetti’s 2MR label, Sonar Kollektiv and Centre Source Records (part of Lobster Theremin’s cohort).

But this one for Toy Tonics is really a killer.
4 smooth tracks. Clever constructed, with a heavy DIY vibe, but musically on the highest level.
Stylewise: somewhere between the easy moods of DJ Alfredo, the early Nuphonic records and the soulful vibe that you can hear on many new little labels currently. On point.

Buy your copy!

Also check out the latest Toy Tonics guest mix by Jad & The!

1. Earth Trax – HG
2. Seb Wildblood – Brief Circles
3. Lake People – Tomorrow’s Happiness
4. Ron Trent – I Feel the Rhythm : I Feel the Rhythm (Inner Experience Revision)
5. Jad & The – Accidental Audi Driver
6. Huerta – Am Ende
7. Vincent Floyd – Euphoric Recall
8. Esa – Rent-A-Disc
9. Jad & The – Low Budget Action Movie
10. Diego – Crack
11. The Burrell Connection – XIV

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RNT029 // Jacques Renault Edits

RNT029 // Jacques Renault Edits

NYC stalwart and international superstar Jacques Renault joins Brooklyn cohorts for a 4 track EP of superior edit stylings! On the A side “Cold Blooded” sources a classic, focusing on a hypnotic and rhythmic pattern for a solid 6 minutes before exploding into exuberant soul, while “Get Down” is a loose and greasy funk stomper.

On the flip, “Dream Machine” is disco sampled perfection, chopped and sliced with evident love. Finally, “That Sound” takes us home with its thunderous drums, slap bass, and a tasteful peppering of soulful vocals.

Get your copy!

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Crackazat – Proton Blue

Crackazat - Proton Blue

Artwork by Michal Rafaj

Crackazat is back on Local Talk!
This fall he’s about to release his second album on Local Talk, “Rainbow Fantasia” and as a little taster we’re proud to present this 12”.
Proton Blue and Called My Name got the Crackazat signature house sound, melodic, jazzy and of course very, very catchy.

Vinyl release August 28th
Digital release September 15th

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La Parenthèse House #2

La Parenthèse House #2

Brussels-based Play Label Records step up for the second installment of their La Parenthèse House series.

The four track EP will be dropping both digital and vinyl.

On the A-side, Interstate delivers some irresistibly groovy house vibes, followed by Dancing Your Heartbeat, an even funkier track by Folamour.

The B-side is marked by a deeper and slightly more mellow atmosphere. Through House Resort by Siler and Flabaire, who have already been a part of the first La Parenthèse House edition, one dives into a loungy warmth. The final track comes from San Francisco born, Berlin based producer Yooj. He drops a multi-layered journey with a catching balance of emotional and percussion-driven energy.

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