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That’s Not An Edit Vol.5

That's Not An Edit Vol.5

Bite into some of Australia’s funkier side with That’s Not An Edit Vol.5 featuring Timber, Dj Soup, Meem, Caratgold, Jayo, Frankee More, JR.Dynamite Edits, Hober Mallow, Dastardly Kuts, dL, The Party Kid, Skinny Dipp, D-Funk, Sard Boogie and Paris Groovescooter!

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Toast Tapes Mix #038 // The Funk District

Toast Tapes Mix #038 // The Funk District

1.  To introduce yourself, who are you and how would you describe the Mexican disco scene?
– Well my name is Fernando Mendoza and I’m addicted to any type of funk and disco with a catchy bass line and groovy guitars… In other words I love everything sounding nice and fresh like funk on steroids.
– As a Mexican producer I feel the disco scene in my country already got a big push a couple of years ago by many talented artists but I think it’s about to get to the climax within the next two years, so it’s really our task to keep on supporting each other and especially the new rising talents that share the same love for the music.
2.  If you were stuck on a desert island, and could only listen to three albums for the rest of your life, what would they be?
– That’s really a tough question… I’ve been influenced by a lot of different artists throughout my life and most of them are from different genres, so the answer would really depend on the mood I’m in at the moment.
3.  How would you describe your latest single “Time Will Tell?”
– I would describe my last single “Time Will Tell” as an up-tempo jam filled with a lot of percussion and a lovely flute driven groove, not forgetting the funky bass line and the catchy vocals that blend very well with the rest of the instruments.
4.  Do you have any upcoming material or collaborations?
– Well yes, I was honored to be asked for a remix by Julius The Madthinker for his new upcoming project: Perspective… I made my own funky interpretation of one of his tracks he produced with Russoul aka Pleasure Prince and it’s being released on Aid To The Soulless at the end of March.
5.  Tell us a bit about the Mixtape you’ve put together.
– This mixtape I put together was made with love as a special compilation including the tracks I’ve been playing these days plus 2 forthcoming tracks by myself on the most respected label Hot Digits Music that are going to be released later on this year. It also includes one of the 2 tracks which will be released on my own label Furious Mandrill Records.
I hope you really enjoy the mix !
Fernando Mendoza (The Funk District)
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RNTR016 // Body Music // Just One EP

RNTR016 // Body Music // Just One EP

Razor-N-Tape Reserve debuts new project Body Music, a collaboration between Bosq (Whiskey Barons) and Vito Roccoforte (Vito & Druzzi/ The Rapture,) with a 4-tracker of all-original deep disco flavor. Kicking things off is the title track, a pulsating indie dance stomper that features the magical vocals of Christian Holiday, then gets a chugging makeover from deep house don Lay-Far. The flip side starts off mellow with “Get It Baby,” building toward a percussive crescendo, followed by a classic disco rework by French producer extraordinaire Patchworks.

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VA – Delta Night EP

VA - Delta Night EP

The guys at Pole Jam Vinyl have spent most of the last year involved in an undying quest to seek out new, exciting music. They would neither be stopped by the Russian tundras nor the deserts of Australia in their search. Funnily enough, it was actually down-under they discovered Sydney based duo “Falqo” with their brilliantly chilled and melodic number “Across The Sea”. Then, it really was ‘across the sea’ they went, all the way to the Ukraine, picking up Sasha Anastasov’s laid-back groovy smasher “Sea For Two”. Next up was a much shorter trip to Moscow to collect Gayana, a band very much on the rise whose “Since The Night” has been perfectly reinterpreted by Pole Jam’s very own St. Petersburg based all-stars KLar&PF. Pioneerball is the solo project of Tesla Boy’s lead guitarist who makes his second appearance on Pole Jam Vinyl. This time Pioneerball contributes the stunning opening track “Deltaplane”, a track influenced by obscure Russian cinematic soundtracks. It’s combined perfectly with a compelling disco groove, jazzy melodies and organic strings that will make your heart melt. Back home, with the search having come to a successful conclusion, the Pole Jam Vinyl boys celebrated with a pint – or two!

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Satin Jackets – Between the Beats Mixtape

Satin Jackets delivers a fresh new Between The Beats Mixtape featuring some very hot exclusive tracks. As always, we have the tracklisting. Grab a free download HERE.

01.) Kartell – Sapphire Intro (Sexual) & Nevermind
02.) Paskal & Urban Absolutes – White Walls
03.) Seoul – Stay With Us
04.) Pompeya – Slow (Acos Coolkas Unreleased Remix)
05.) Luvless – Be Mine
06.) Pioneerball & Lipelis – Blinkin (Pole Jam Vinyl Cut)
07.) Woz feat. Joel Compass – Early Morning Champagne (Adelaide Remix)
08.) Monsoon Season feat. Miss Bee – Green On Blue (Deep&Disco Lost Remix)
09.) DatA – Soldier’s Flag (Bottin Remix)
10.) KLar&PF – Circles
11.) Cetranger – Stay

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Dave Allison – Boogie Flight

You can never get too much music from Dave Allison, with his pristine taste in quality deep disco tunes. Today he’s released a preview to his single track Boogie Flight, an out of this world track with sensual guitar riffs, a funky bass and a chilled out disco beat.

When listening to Boogie Flight, you’re definitely flying first class!

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Darius – Espoir

French disco master Darius has released the first single Espoir, which will be out on his upcoming 5 track Romance EP the 24th of February on Roche Musique.  Here’s the tracklist.

01 – Espoir
02 – S/ash
03 – Hot Hands
04 – Vanyll
05 – Omeo

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Sam Padrul – Feel The Love (Feat. Chuck New)

Sam Padrul has paired up with Ghosthouse’s leader Chuck New to release a brand new Valentine’s day single called Feel The Love.  This release is out on DiscoThrill Records, where you can find some of the most exquisite nu disco tracks in the scene.  Prove to your significant other that you love them dearly and get them a copy of Feel The Love.

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Basement Love – Boy

Check out the latest Basement Love track called Boy and available as a free download HERE. The best way to describe Boy is classy slow house, perfect for the weekend. Basement Love has been a common name in the future funk scene and he’s here to stay.

If you haven’t yet, snag a free copy and enjoy!

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Plastic Plates – Stay In Love (Feat. Sam Sparro)

It’s always a good day when Plastic Plates releases a fresh new track, this one’s called Stay In Love and features Sam Sparro on vocals. It’s still unknown when this track will be released but we can’t wait! We’ll keep you posted when it’s available.

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