Yam Who? – Midnight Riot Mix

1. Ralph Macdonald ‘The Path’ Lovebirds Edit (Unreleased)
2. Chewy Rubs & Fingerman ‘Everybody Loves A Good Thing’ (Chewy Rec)
3. Chewy Rubs ‘Universal Love’ (Midnight Riot)
4. Revivra Alias Estephe Vulzor ‘Set It Out’ (GAMM)
5. Buzz Compass ‘Don’t Give It Up’ (Midnight Riot)
6. Nelue Feat Funkwoman ‘Right Through U’ (Nang)
7. Disco Spin Club ‘Night Driving’ J Kriv (LSR)
8. Chip Chabralle ‘Thru The Night’ (Midnight Riot)
9. B.G. Baarregaard ‘Vilt’ (Midnight Riot)
10. Chewy Rubs & Fingerman ‘Hit On U’ (Chewy Rec)
11. Tiger & Woods ‘Golden Bear’ (Editainment)
12. Thomass Jackson ‘Susurro Contagioso’ (Pals)
13. Sure Thing ‘Holding You Tight’ (Gutterfunk)
14. The Glue ‘Pink Ink’ (Midnight Riot)
15. 80’s Child ‘Hot’ (Midnight Riot)
16. Tom Trago ‘The Elite’ (Rush Hour)
17. Tempest Trio ‘Do U Like The Way That It Feels’ TK
18. Rayko ‘Bite The Apple’ (Midnight Riot)
19. Kano ‘Can’t Hold Back’ (Mirage)
20. Alicia Myers ‘Thank You’ (Jaegerossa Edit) (Unreleased)
21. 80’s Child ‘Make You Mine’ (Midnight Riot)

“Disco aficionado and ISM / Midnight Riot label boss lays down 60 minutes of deep disco and house grooves. Yam Who? also records with Parisian Tom Laroye as Qwestlife, putting out Leroy Burgess inspired boogie tracks.”

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