Male Madame – Sunny Saint Mark

“Meeting, literally, on the streets of New York City almost 10 years ago, Niko Dalagelis (One Of Them) and Ryan Cavanagh (Slow Hands) combined to form their Duece Bigalow inspired Male Madame collaboration not long after.

Their mutual respect for all things Rob Scneider, and incredible admiration for fermented and distilled beverages might explain their limited discography. But that comes with no shortage of quality and variation in style. When not arguing over composition and theory (both of their studied fields), the two friends sporadically find the time between their solo pursuits to collectively craft music, Male Madame is just that.

And with that, we bring you Male Madame’s first release of a two part series on Tigers on a Leash. Moving in a bit of a different direction after our last release, “Sunny Saint Mark” is going to keep things a little deeper. The smokey vocals and warm synths are perfect as we move into the winter here in NYC. With remixes by The Drifter and Cameo Culture rounding out the EP, this one’s got a little something for the legs and for the brains.”

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