Stardust Feat. Chaka Khan – Music Sounds Better With You (The Night VI Cover)

From 1998’s summer all I can remember is France winning the World Cup against Brazil (trois-zero) my tough big brother crying when Colombia got disqualified and French supergroup Stardust topping the charts with their one off hypnotic and sublime dance track “Music Sounds Better With You.”

Home brewed dance music and doing well at our own World Cup are to me two cultural elements that make us arrogant frenchies proud to be French (aside from guillotining our king and his crew’s heads.)

In 1998 I was 12 – the same age as the plane building/chart watching child protagonist of Stardust’s Michel Gondry directed music video. 15 years later and this track couldn’t feel more current if it tried. Thomas Bangalter is on top of the world again with his masked other half in Daft Punk with a funky disco Nile Rodgers guitar track I needn’t name, but that we all love and that has been covered a gazillion times (including by us for a one off gig.) This track, “Music sounds better with you” is to me it’s grandfather, without one the other cannot exist and they mark a beautiful circle: where stardust sampled one of the dance greats (Chaka Khan’s Fate) Daft Punk got one of disco’s greatest to play guitar with them!

But in choosing to cover this track we were faced with a dilemma…how do you take a song with no verses and translate it for a band, the Night VI who don’t play house music? This is when Jack decided to take our cover concept to another level by introducing sections from Stardusts sampled inspiration Chaka Khan’s “Fate.” Thus we end up with a Russian doll arrangement – a cover within a cover. From here Jack got the rest of the band in to show off their skills. The girls came and sang it soulfully, Bogart put in some naughty Motown bass grooves, Bo hit anything he could to provide funky percussion, Jack came in the end with the angriest roarring guitar solo and I added sprinkles of harp harmonics.

We had fun.”

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