LBCK Exclusive Interview

We caught up with the Long Beach City Kids and had a few words. Here’s a sweet interview we had about their upcoming album!


To introduce yourselves, who are you and how would you describe your music?
Hi I’m Luigi, this is Alex and we’re LBCK. It’s hard to pin point our music exactly because we make quite a bit of different stuff but generally our sound is always funky. Whether it’s house, hip hop or nu disco, we’re always going for that sex appeal.
How did you guys know each other and how did the name “LBCK” start?
We met in college in 2009, being booked for the same show in San Diego as our solo projects. We became friends and quickly found out we worked well together, since we both had a taste for the classics.
The funny thing is that neither of us are actually from Long Beach, but it’s here where we grew our music from the ground up and here’s where Long Beach City Kids was born.
Do you think that the funkier side of house & disco is on the way back? How is it changing?
I think the funky side of house music is definitely having a resurgence recently but its taking on a new form from what it used to be. As least with our music, it’s more mature and has more focused ideas. We’ve been really trying to focus on the quality of our sound and pay more attention to fine polishing that goes into making our tracks.
Your album “The Goods” drops the 27th of August on Hall Of Fame Records, could you guys reveal some information?
Well to start, this is our first full length album, EVER. Which at first seemed a bit intimidating but the process was actually surprisingly quite smooth. We went into it thinking, let’s just do whatever we want and see what works so things just naturally kind of fell into place. We also worked with a handful of really cool artists who you’ll see featured through out the release.
Do you guys have any stories that may have happened during the recording process?
We flew our boy C Plus down from Sacramento to record on a track and we couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out. It’s really one of our favorite tracks on the release. We had a camera crew following us around all weekend during interviews and photos shoots, as well as during the recording process in the studio. There will be a cool ‘making of’ video to come, kinda showing you a little bit of how things were made.
How would you describe your latest single “Call My Name?”
‘Call My Name’ really kind of sets the tone of the album. It’s straight funky, start to finish. Making it a true summer track, made for pool parties, sunshine and drives with the windows down.
Are there any LBCK tours/ gigs coming up soon?
We’re playing some west coast dates here this summer & have plans to branch out for another tour in the near future. Stay tuned!
What would we be surprised to hear on your iPod?
We listen to everything from Motown to classic rock, reggae and all kinds of electronic music. We’re both really big on Drum& iPod is filled with it, really love it live too!
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