French Toast Exclusive Mixtape by Saint Musique

What’s your real name and how old are you?

Hi my name is Leo Pecchiar, I just recently turned 24 and I live in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

How long have you been producing, and how did the name Saint Musique start?

I’ve been producing under the alias Saint Musique for a little less than a year. Apart from that, I used to use my real name when I played progressive and tech house. As for Saint Musique, the name started through a radio show I was hosting. The show was aimed at playing fresh innovative quality house music, which then led me to using Saint music as a pseudonym.

When did you develop an interest in music beyond appreciating it as a listener?

I was intrigued by the world of music at a very early age. Regardless of the styles that I liked, I felt a need to produce!

Do you have any upcoming material or collaborations?

Yes, I do. I recently did a remix for English producer Mescis and Charlie Mole’s “Be Next To Me” Remix EP, released on Hype Muzik. I’m also working on remixes for Dunkan Disco’s track “Back To The Future” and “Together” with Guz SCcrew who I’m currently working on an EP, which contains one of my favorite tracks “You Will Never Feel Alone” and many other works that can be heard on my Soundcloud account.

What equipment do you use to produce?

The main tools I use the most are a Korg Microkorg MK1 (with a  vocoder,) Kaoss Pad and a Korg Microkey.

Which artists and styles inspired and influenced you?

There are many artists and styles that influence me as a DJ/ producer such as Nora En Pure, Finnebassen, Doctor Dru, Adana Twins, Mat.Joe, Plastic Plates, Flight Facilities, Koobra, Aeroplane, Gigamesh, Lifelike, Pat Lok, Dunkan Disco, Bag Raiders, Mario Basanov and MANY more. With regards to what music styles I listen to, I basically listen to everything. Mainly nu disco, deep house, indie dance and a little tech house to shake things up.

Tell us a bit about the mix you’ve put together.

In this mix I chose a blend of fresh cool tracks that make me dance. I hope you enjoy my music taste as I take you through a musical journey.

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