French Toast Exclusive Mixtape by JKriv

To introduce yourself, who are you and how would you describe the Brooklyn disco scene?

I’m JKriv, I run Deep&Disco Recordings and Razor-N-Tape Records (along with my partner Aaron Dae) and I perform with the band Escort, on bass for the live shows and as one of the Escort DJ’s.  The Brooklyn disco scene is pretty lively right now.  There are a lot of great acts and parties that support this sound, so it’s a fun time to be doing this type of music.

Were you from a musical background or is it something you came to on your own?

Neither of my parents were musicians, but there was always a lot of music in the house.  For me though, my obsession with music that really started when I was about 5 or 6.  I can’t really remember a time when I didn’t have favorite songs or music that I loved.  I started playing when I was about 12 with bass and guitar, studied through high school and college and got into the dance music production and DJ’ing thing later.
How did your label Deep&Disco come to be?
I started it in 2011 as a way to put some of my own music out, but it’s kind of taken on a life of its own.  People started sending me music they wanted to release and it turned into much more of a proper label.   I’ve been lucky to have a lot of great artists and remixers on board.
What was the dynamic like between The Disco Machine and you when working on “The High Fidelity Sound” EP?
Well, The Disco Machine is actually a small robotic slave army that I built specifically for the purposes of making cheeky disco music.  HA! Actually JKriv & The Disco Machine is really just me, with the help of some other very talented musicians.  For the EP I’ve written and produced all the music, and I play live instruments like bass, guitar, keys and percussion on every song.  But I also have guest vocalists such as Adeline Michele (from Escort), Lou Teti (Tigers On A Leash) and percussionists etc.   And I mixed down the entire EP at The Hook Studio in Brooklyn on a classic Harrison 32 channel console…the same kind that was used for many classic records such as Thriller.  So while there are many electronic elements throughout, the overall vibe is something very live and dynamic.
You’ve done quite a few remixes; do you have any personal favorites? Are there any upcoming remixes and/or collaborations that we can know about?
Yeah I really like a remix I did for Lou Teti a few years ago on his track “Shake.”  I also had one released recently that I did for The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club that I thought came out pretty good.  The bootleg Hitney Whouston that’s on my mix is a personal fav too.  I have a remix I just finished for Escort that should be out at the end of summer and I think something on Satin Jacket’s label Glam Jam Artists as well.
If you were stuck on a desert island, and could only listen to three albums for the rest of your life, what would they be?
Ouch.  That’s so hard.  I guess I’ll go with Stevie Wonder “Fulfilingness’ First Finale,” John Coltrane “Ballads” and Led Zeppelin 2.  Those are all perfect albums in my opinion.  What am I going to eat on this island though?  That’s a pretty essential question.
Tell us a bit about the Mixtape you’ve put together.
It’s basically disco from beginning to end.  Some old, some new, a few of my own jams and bunch of other tracks that I’m feeling right now.  I think it’s a pretty fun listen.   You could take it to the beach or throw it on at a house party.
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