French Toast Exclusive Mixtape by MiDiMAN

To introduce yourself, who are you and how would you describe your music?

MiDiMAN is a project of two Djs from Yekaterinburg city, Russia – Lenya Goosev & Sergey Silvertone. We both love house music, so our style is smooth & melodic deep house, with nu-balearic flavor & classic US deep house. At the same time we always try not to restrict ourselves within the described style. Each new track is a sincere experiment.

How long have you been producing, and how did the name MiDiMAN start?

We became friends in 2011 & started to make music at the same time. By the time our first tracks wanted to release Tokyo Red, we did not have a name. We just made music, and when the question came to see under what name we should release it, our eyes fell on the midi keyboard, which we used. Not having much time to think, we decided to name our union – Midimen.

Which other countries have you played/ thrown parties at?

The geography of our performances is limited to Russia. As DJs, we traveled all over the Ural Mountains, and is well known outside of our city.

What advice would you give to up and coming DJs/ promoters?

Love the music, believe in music.

Who are your biggest music influences?

Lenya: Depeche Mode, Spirit Catcher, Spiritchaser, Ross Couch

Serg:  Above & Beyond, Paul Van Dyk, Faithless, Depeche Mode, Fat Boy Slim, Pet Shop Boys

What’s your favorite tune of all time?

Serg: Pet Shop Boys – New York City Boy
Lenya: Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence
What was the process like when you started producing the Dreams Come True EP? 
We tried to make tracks that can be used in our mixes.
Do you have any upcoming material (collaborations, remixes, album)?
At the moment we are working on several tracks. In the near future be able to show snippets on Soundcloud.
Tell us a bit about the mixtape you’ve put together. 
In the mix we have collected tracks that can not always be used in sets, but are some of our favorites over the past few years. In the mix there are a few tracks of Russian producers, and we want people in different parts of the world to hear it.
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