Silverstar – Music Is Magic

On the 31st of December 2012, after decades of sending radio waves into space, astronomers received a strange signal from the Alpha Centauri system. What at first appeared to be a random stream of tones and pulses gradually resolved into a complex pattern, that while alien, seemed eerily familiar. Dubbed “Silverstar” the signal was sent to research teams worldwide, for further analysis.

For months, nothing emerged except wild and fantastical theories, but finally two Australian producers, acting on instinct, ran the Silverstar code through a sequence of samplers and drum machines, at last realising the truth. Silverstar WAS music –  a response from the cosmos, to over 60 years of radio. The sound was pure, simple, magical, and joyous.

It was a sound we had forgotten.

The Australian duo Silverstar have brought forth their latest single “Music Is Magic” out today on Chookie Music. The release also has a deep yet dance friendly remix by DCUP and a music video which was shot in Morocco.


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