French Toast Exclusive Mixtape by Oxford

Not many House producers have a sound as distinct as Oxford aka Antoine Rigail; his incredible loops, funky baselines, and most of all, crisp filters make him stand out from others. Antoine has that special French touch first unveiling when he released his “Nobody At The Playground” and of course his banger track “Head Back” a little more than a year ago. After having heard about Oxford we set out on a venture to know much more about this awesome French producer. We finally caught up with Antoine to ask him some questions.

How long have you been producing, and how did the name Oxford start?

I had created Oxford three years ago, but this project was born in a totally accidental way. I made a first track called “Walking Down The City” which at the time already had another project that wasn’t possible for me to produce my track on, so I decided to create a side project. For the story of the name, it’s quite simple: I’ve never been to Oxford Circus.

Who are your biggest music influences?

My biggest musical influence is Lifelike. I have listened to him since the age of 15. I discovered him in a Sebastien Léger remix. He’s definitely my favorite producer.

Who would be your dream producer to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Fred Falke because, as to Lifelike, I have listened to him since I was a teenager. I love his groove! His “Intro” track always drives me crazy.

Do you have any upcoming material or Collaborations?

Currently, I’m working a lot on my EP. I can’t say anything more about it at the moment. On a different note, some remixes should arrive soon.

What kind of music do you listen to outside of electronic music?

Besides electronic music, I use to listen to a lot of funk, pop music and some old italo-disco tracks. I also used to listen to a lot of Phoenix, Placebo, Ivan, Kajagoogoo, Distinction, etc…

If you had to chose anywhere in the world, where would you play right now?

I would completely imagine myself playing on a beach, with a sunset in the background. It would be such a beautiful scene where I’d play Lifelike’s remix “Your Tiny Mind” by Relation.

How was collaborating with Le Crayon, how did you guys get to know each other?

I met Le Crayon thanks to Soundcloud. I had listened to his track “Downside Up” and loved it. I decided to write him to let him know how much I was enjoying his work. I was living in Paris at the time , so we decided to meet up and right away, we started working together. We immediately had a good feeling, which was the easiness of collaborating together. That’s why we decided to work together on the Metronomy remix. Others should be born soon.

For the gear heads out there, what DJ equipment do you use?

I’m working with Ableton Live, with some VST’s, a Korg and headphones. That’s all.

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