Antenna – Love 66

Antenna - Love 66

Easing us into 2017 Belgium’s finest, Eskimo Recordings, returns with ‘The Red Collection’. The 6th installment in the label’s color series it brings together the best of the label’s recent releases with unreleased gems from their friends and family including Satin Jackets, Atella, This Soft Machine and many more. Across 13 tracks (and a bonus mix CD) ‘The Red Collection’ expertly segues between left field electronic pop, disco and house, taking us from the frozen north to the souks of the middle east and beyond.

Antenna is a 29-year-old producer living in Kazan, Russia. As main influences in music he names D-Pulse, Telefon Tel Aviv, Ott, Sasha, Shpongle and Lindstrøm. He’s working as a program director and technical director on several big FM radio stations in Russia and produces music by night. Antenna has a cat -his name is Paskuda- and is confident that music is the main thing to change the world. ‘Love 66’ is an ode to his favorite hookah tobacco, and sounds like a breezy slo-mo disco gem filled with Balearic charm.

Out March 3rd, pre-order:

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Toasty February ’17

Toasty February '17

February, a month of solid funky tracks. This month we got some COEO, Cody Currie, The Funk District and many more!

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Red Rack’em – Self Portrait

Red Rack'em - Self Portrait

‘Self Portrait’ is the brand new album by Red Rack’em

Released on his own label Bergerac ‘to retain complete creative freedom’, the album is a super personal journey through the many facets of house, disco and club music that Berman has explored in his 22 years as a DJ and 10 years of releases for labels including Philomena, Ramp, Phonica, Wolf Music, City Fly and of course on his own label Bergerac.

Focussing on sample heavy, off kilter yet danceable grooves, it’s an extended trip through the mind of a true auteur who truly has his own unique perspective of what house music should sound like and how it should function in the club.

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Henry Wu – Just Negotiate feat. Simeon Jones (Kaidi Tatham Remix)

Henry Wu - Just Negotiate feat. Simeon Jones (Kaidi Tatham Remix)

Henry Wu (aka Kamaal Williams of Yussef Kamaal) returns to Eglo Records following his joint EP with K15 as Wu15. ‘Deep In The Mudd’ is a 6 track EP which journeys through Broken Beat, House, Hip Hop and Jazz… and once again he’s joined by a few special guests.

Pre-Order 6 track 12″ Vinyl EP:…ep-ft-banton

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Krankbrother – Dreamscape (Fort Romeau Remix)

Krankbrother - Dreamscape (Fort Romeau Remix)

With their second 12-inch on their Krankbrother label the brothers have produced the ‘Dreamscape’ EP a three-tracker featuring two originals and a remix of the title track from Fort Romeau.

With releases on Futureboogie, Ghostly International, Running Back and 100% Silk under his belt, Fort Romeau wastes no time turning ‘Dreamscape’ into a shuffling, blissed out anthem splashed with some acid squelch perfect for when the sun rises.

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RNTR016 // Body Music // Just One EP

RNTR016 // Body Music // Just One EP

Razor-N-Tape Reserve debuts new project Body Music, a collaboration between Bosq (Whiskey Barons) and Vito Roccoforte (Vito & Druzzi/ The Rapture,) with a 4-tracker of all-original deep disco flavor. Kicking things off is the title track, a pulsating indie dance stomper that features the magical vocals of Christian Holiday, then gets a chugging makeover from deep house don Lay-Far. The flip side starts off mellow with “Get It Baby,” building toward a percussive crescendo, followed by a classic disco rework by French producer extraordinaire Patchworks.

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HAWAII007 // Hidden Spheres – By & Bye

HAWAII007 // Hidden Spheres - By & Bye

Hidden Spheres comes drifting off of the sunset coast with four soothing slices of winter sun from far away islands and mountainous journeys.

Blending loosely played natural drum patterns with intertwining and playfully positive melodies that skirt the synth-flute boundary, ~~~~~~ is an ambiguous meander across beaches, through forests, thick undergrowth up and up onto a mountain hung with fresh mist that slowly evolves into a dense fog as the suns reign comes to a close in an orange band of fading embers.

Beachy let’s the night settle in amongst the shore, as the day creatures descend into their evening hideaways and the fireflies and owls take over. The washing of the sea hissing and gasping behind a slow chatter of reeds blowing in the wind.

Picking up where the first EP left off, By & Bye is a reprise from past days. Welcoming a new sun and embracing the slow rise of humans amidst the yellowing egg-like sun.

Then to finish us off is the jazz-flecked house of Movin’. All urgent Rhodes stabs, doodling bass lines and puttering lazy drums sketches. A low-lying, sleepily danced-away closer.

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Daniel T – Fahrenheit/Celsius EP

Daniel T - Fahrenheit/Celsius EP

LA based producer Daniel T has released his latest Farenheit/Celsius EP out soon on Cosmic Pint Glass and featuring remix duties by Lauer and Jack Pattern.

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Moff & Tarkin – Loving You is Like Washing a Sieve

Moff & Tarkin - Loving You is Like Washing a Sieve

Moff & Tarkin is the new guy to watch. No hype no bullshit. He just makes great music and you better listen to this new EP cos’ you’re gonna like it.

BTW on the remix we got Esther Silex delivering a banger!

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Lizards – Separate Ways EP

Lizards - Separate Ways EP

Futureboogie open their 2017 account with a new release from Lizards, the Newcastle based duo otherwise known as Lee Forster and James Hadfield. After appearances on labels like Leng Records, Join Our Club and Not An Animal Records, Lizards strut their stuff across two original tracks, whilst man of the moment Lord Of the Isles weighs in with a superb remix.

The percussion driven house of “Tzatziki” kicks of the release, wrapped in warm and inviting pads and piano riffs. Shades of old school Chicago house meet sun-kissed Balearic vibes on this early morning riser, as the heavyweight bass sounds curl around the raw drum programming and illuminating keys sprinkle over the production.

On “Aloof”, the tempo is taken down somewhat, as a bass line wanders over a steady kick and otherworldly ambient sounds and hushed vocal clips lazily glide over the 4/4 arrangement. As the track unfurls, more melodic and percussive elements come into play, blossoming into a something quite epic and unique.

With a slew of releases for quality imprints like Permanent Vacation, Firecracker, Mule Musiq and ESP Institute, Neil McDonald, AKA Lord Of The Isles, serves up a deliciously chugging version of “Aloof”. Gurgling bass and marching handclaps are dowsed in dramatic synth sweeps and glacial tones, as the good Lord takes us on a monumental ride.

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